The beauty of clean solid colors in home improvement wooden doors

Posted by aihw on December 9th, 2019

The beauty of clean solid colors in home improvement wooden doors

The solid color is the background plate in the elegant combination, and also the embellishment in the delicate design. Pure colors, unlike others, often give a sense of purity.

Simple White Wooden Door

White gives the first impression of cleanliness. For example, newly married couples will choose a pure white wedding dress to witness their love.

The simplicity of white, the blankness of large films, the embellishment of small points, white can be easily controlled. White, which retains the most essential spirit, fades its impurities and is true.

High-grade Grey Wooden Door

High-grade gray is an unobtrusive color, but it can always express the ultimate charm of elegance and luxury. It is between white and black, but it is more calm than white and more trendy than black.

Looking around, both the fashion industry and the home industry are swept by a gray trend. It can be said that the gray fashion status is unparalleled in other colors.

Mysterious black wooden door

Black is a color with mystery and story, one color, and tens of thousands of forms, can build tens of thousands of visual effects without coincidence. It is pure and profound.

Black, as opposed to white, is deep, mysterious, and another purity that sublimates your taste. The use of high-end blacks reveals quality in subtleties; low-key, luxurious, highlights character in quiet places.

Fresh Wooden Door

Logs with natural textures and colors, simple wooden doors decorated with pure and clean white walls, the atmosphere of personality and warmth can be displayed.

Chinese Red Wooden Door

Red can be said to be our favorite color in China. It has even become a cultural totem and spiritual conversion of the Chinese, representing joy, liveliness and peace.

China is red with ancient Qin and Han flavors; it continues the Tang and Song style of the prosperous style; it follows the brilliant Wei and Jin veins;

In fact, for the choice of wooden doors at home, in general:

1. White wild, if you can't choose, choose white;

2. Wood color is also commonly used, but wood color should be selected according to furniture;

3, matte easy to match, looking at advanced, if the light is not good enough to show the soil;

4. The shape of the door panel should not be complicated, but it is simple to look at, but to choose the style.

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