How do you maintain a shower drain?

Posted by Soft Bathroom on December 9th, 2019

No one loves a clogged shower drain. The one thing worse is being forced to remove a clog the size of a tiny poodle - that tangled mess of hair, cleansers, shampoo, soap, then paradise just knows what else - that is built up throughout years or months. The best bet of yours is stopping clogs in the very first place. For the rest, there is Ace Plumbing.


Purchase a Drain Screen

The shower of yours might have lost its drain display somewhere through the years, or maybe you might discover that the display that is there allows a little too much trash pass through. Either way, purchase a mesh drain display. These are not always simple to clean, but they are cheap enough that they are able to be thrown away after they have accumulated enough gunk.

See What Goes down the Drain

Your drains are resilient, but you will find a few things that should not be poured down the drain. We have seen homeowners put all sorts of items down the bathroom of theirs drains which had no business being there. Filthy mop water, dishwater, grease - in case you would not flush it and mail it on the kitchen drain, it does not belong in the tub either!

Have a clean Tub

“Chase” each shower with water that is hot, and put sodium bicarbonate down the drain (with a lot of warm water) on a routine schedule. Sodium bicarbonate is an excellent cleaner, and can help keep clear drains.

DIY Drain Cleaner

Several commercial drain cleaning remedies are able to cause far more issues than they solve. That is true in case you are inexperienced, or if you are a little clumsy. Drain snakes are able to lead to severe harm to the plumbing of yours, and lots of types of drain cleaning substances are dangerous and caustic.

You will find 2 actions you are able to take to clear your drains. The very first is using a plunger - the flat type, not the flanged - ensuring it is not exactly the same one you make use of on the toilet of yours. That can loosen most clogs, moreover the suction it makes will get many clogs to a place where they are able to be extracted.

Additional clogs are induced by a build up of soap, natural skin oils, and shampoo. For all those, pour aproximatelly 3 quarters of a cup of sodium bicarbonate down the drain, followed by 50 % a cup of vinegar. Cap the drain with the drain plug or maybe a rag, because the combination will bubble up (in case you’ve toddlers or pets, have them out of the bathroom of yours only). Let the combination to sit down for twenty to thirty mins, then pour a container of water that is boiling down the drain very. Follow with water that is cold.

Determine When It is Time to Call the Experts

Perhaps you have accomplished the above. It is possible to be conscientious about cleaning the shower of yours and keeping the drain of yours unobstructed but still encounter problems. In case that happens, call Ace Plumbing for expert drain cleaning. We are professionals in remediating clogs, and also we are able to also discuss other problems with the plumbing of yours in case it seems your drains are not the cause of the issue of yours.

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