5 Great Android Apps For Stock Marketing

Posted by Mediahicon on December 9th, 2019

In the past, trading was not an easy task. At that time, people use to wait for the daily newspapers so that they can get Stocks information. People had to rely on phone calls for doing transactions. But now, this the era of technology, where the internet and smartphones have changed every life.  Now, you can learn and get information efficiently at any time in any place. As the stock market is a big thing and produces a large amount of information daily many big Companies need to analyze and track stock market rates and then invest. Due to advancements in technology, you can easily access almost everything on your smartphone. If we talk about the stock market, there is a large number of android applications that helps you to keep a check on stock market news and analyze new stock market trends. These android applications enable you to get updated about all the ups and downs of the stock market daily. But it is not an easy task to find a trustworthy app for your android phone. Here we have enlisted the best android apps for stock marketing.

1.       STOCK QUOTE

The stock quote is one of the best stock marketing app that keeps you updated about the latest stock marketing information. This android application provides you real-time and after-hour quotes about the stock market all around the world. This android application allows you to get updated from all the news that is relevant to Stock markets. You can also keep a record of your portfolio. Also, you don’t need to worry about your data loss as a Stock quote automatically backup your data to the cloud through Google drive. You also have an option to store your data in a dropbox or SD card. There is another remarkable feature in this application, that the Stock quote imports all stock marketing related posts from different social media to stock quote. You can easily install this application free from the Google play store.

2.       INVESTING

Investing is one of the most used stock marketing apps. It also has a website named investing.com. Investing is the Android version of its website. Investing offers you a lot of amazing features on one platform. You can easily access cryptocurrency value charts, financial news from all around the world, and live stock quotes. Investing reminds you of all the price changing and stock marketing events. In investing, you can create your portfolio also. It also provides you the information about all marketing events happening and a calendar tab that has future business and finance announcements enlisted in it. For the people who want to follow the upcoming business events, this calendar features very useful. You have to pay 1.99 dollars per month for its premium version, but its free version is also available on Google play store.


Yahoo is a well-known name, so Yahoo finance is one of the best android application for the people who want to use a well-known and trusted application. It is one of the most powerful apps that is used for Stock marketing. It does not have a lot of features like widgets, but it does its work efficiently. Using yahoo finance, you can keep a check on stocks and its prices, and cryptocurrency.it also provides you notifications about the latest stock price changes. You can also get up to date from the latest finance news from all around the world. Yahoo Finance makes you able to track currencies and many other kinds of information. One of the most amazing things about this android app is that you can try this app surely without making an account. Yahoo finance is available free of cost on Google play store.

4.       MSN MONEY

MSN Money is one of the best stock market application designed for android. MSN Money has a very familiar user interface that enables you to switch between various modes. For example, you can switch between the stock watch list, stock sections, and news sections easily. MSN money enables you to keep a record of your investments. It also has a news section, which makes you able to get all the latest finance and business news that is taken from valid resources. With all these features, MSN Money also contains a number of tools like information and various calculators. It also keeps you up to date with cryptocurrency, oil, and gold price. And the best of all, this android application is Free, you can download it today from Google play store.

5.       J STOCK

Jstock is also one of the most used stock market android application. Jstock is a mixture of a portfolio tracking app and a stock marketing news application. This application provides you with all news whole day that is related to the stock market and finance. It also keeps you up to date with the updated lists of stock sales of some particular organizations. There is a wondrous fact about Jstock that it can maintain a 10 years history of stock market charts and 28 stock markets from all around the world. You can easily manage your portfolio on Jstock. It supports a number of widgets also. One of its best features is that you can make charts and graphs of your data by simply inputting your stock data in Jstock. You can get lots of information on stock dividends also.  It can be downloaded from play store free, but the free version has a lot of ads which can be a little irritating. You can also get its premium version by paying 3.99 dollars monthly.

Are you a Stock expert? Or are you learning about stock marketing? The above enlisted are the best stock market apps for android that will keep you informed about the latest daily stock market news. These applications will keep you updated about what's happening in the stock market. These applications provide you valid information and will help you to trade efficiently. You should just make sure that you are using these apps wisely.

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