How to Choose the Right IoT Window Sensor?

Posted by Dusun Electron Ltd on December 9th, 2019

When in the market for an IoT window sensor to pair with an IoT application, there are certain factors that you should consider and keep in mind to make sure that the sensor you are choosing is one that best fits your needs. In any tech set-up, you always need to think about certain definitional elements or things that are so critical and core to operations that they are the very ones that make a concept viable, useful, and relevant. In the case of the IoT, sensors are among the most critical definitional elements that one must take into consideration to ensure a setup’s success and usability.

The entire sense and value of the IoT is its ability to respond to and interact with the physical world. It is their ability to sense their environment and in turn, respond and interact with it that makes the IoT effective in facilitating autonomous functionality of different devices and products in response to real-time and real-world events.

With the hundreds of different IoT window sensor products out in the market today, it can be difficult to discern which is best to use with your applications. One important consideration you should make when looking for a sensor is accuracy as all sensors are not equally accurate. Your use-basis should dictate the sensor accuracy that makes most sense for your particular project. For instance, a humidity sensor requires a device with much higher accuracy since it will play a critical role in the context of creating an alarm system to alert you when your home is flood-stricken. A highly accurate window sensor is a better choice for when you need to remotely monitor your home.

The sensors durability against your operating environment is also a critical factor to consider. For instance, a temperature sensor that’s resistant to moisture and other ambient elements makes a good choice for installing an outdoor weather sensor.  Another important element to consider is the particular platform that you will be interfacing with, especially when experimenting with Windows IoT Core, in which case it is best to constrain your choices within Window’s supported hardware list.

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