Quick short term courses after graduation: But should you opt for them?

Posted by aniket vichare on December 9th, 2019

Short term courses are popular. Many students enrol for short term courses after their graduation to get quick certifications. But do they really worth it? The debate between short term quick certification programs and full-time courses often leave students flummoxed, as they don’t know which is right for them. In this write-up we’ll try to clear the doubts and give a heads up to students on whether or not short-term programs are worth their time.

Full-time vs short term courses after graduation: which should you do?

Knowledge: Both short-term and full-time courses are designed to impart knowledge to students. But as the name suggests, the short-term programs are of shorter duration and therefore, have shorter curriculum offering niche knowledge. Full-time programs, on the other hand, are planned to offer deep understanding of the subject, often incorporating research projects and industry internships in the curriculum for holistic learning experience. If you are looking at developing strong understanding on a subject, then full-time courses are the best.

Industry acceptance: Often acceptability and accreditation of short-term courses after graduation aren’t certain. Unless you are enroling for short-term programs under recognised universities or colleges, you may face difficulties in convincing employers during a job interview to consider certificate programs. And, many organisations/employers don’t recognise certificate programs that aren’t accredited by verified boards.

Learning experience: Full-time programs are planned with much forethought and are often approved by the academic boards. These are designed to allow students comprehensive knowledge, often with practical learning curriculum that helps lay a strong foundation. Moreover, colleges have qualified faculties, with years of academic experience, to deliver their programs.

Most institutes also offer career support in terms of resume and personality development, placement assistance to help students get a break in the professional world. A short-term program may not offer placement assistance as a part of their program.

Cost: Depending on the program, short-time courses after graduation can cost as much as a full-time program. But as compared to the cost, the curriculum is often curtailed to fit in the short time duration. It offers niche but often superficial knowledge, without giving the time to build in-depth understanding. So, if you decide to pursue a short term program consider the cost of the program against the knowledge you’ll get.

Employability: Students of short-term program often struggle to find employment. In countries like India where unemployment rate is higher than global index, only certification courses might not help you get a desired career. These courses are ideal as career acceleration programs for those who are already working. For graduates, starting a career, a full-time program is recommended.

Short-term courses are great if you are looking to quickly upgrade your skills to add them to your resume or want to update yourself on the latest technological trends, but long term programs offer long term career success. You can enrol for a short time program at any point of time in your career. Unlike full-time programs, enrolment for certificate programs happen through -out the year.

For graduates, who are about to enter the professional world, a full-time program will grant the knowledge and build the skills that will help them sail towards career success. So, if you are a student, enrol for a full-time program for knowledge development. And, consider short term programs as additional weapons in your arsenal.

The Author is involved in designing courses and study materials for institutions and writes blogs and articles for online websites. For more information on the various courses available after graduation, you may visit itm.edu.

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