Immigrants and the Poor- How Impoverishment is Trapped in Immigration

Posted by Timeless Issues on December 9th, 2019

Immigration in the United States isn’t a new concept. A lot of people belonging to countries where there are no healthcare facilities, minimum wage, poverty line, etc. and there they would have seen some of the most devastating conditions of their life, such as disease, illiteracy, war, civil unrest and much more. They would come to the US for better working conditions and social as well as educational opportunities.

On the other hand, the U.S. poor is more skilled and are more fluent in English. Despite the fact that these Immigrants pass the poor. Poverty in the U.S. has turned into nothing more than double standards where the government shows off lamenting for the poor.

Causes of the double standard

The reason behind this double standard is either hypocrisy or ignorance for the real inhabitants who have been dwelling in the states since time immemorial. The real reason for which Immigrants pass the poor is the reservation and sympathy that most immigrations get at different points of their lives.

The natives aren’t always the sufferers. Most of the time, the immigrants also have to suffer both on the social as well as the economic front. A lot of American poor harass the immigrants, beat them up, boycott their businesses and stores, and even worst instances are noticed where the immigrants have to suffer a lot.

The real discrimination

Well, as the Immigrants pass the poor because real discrimination starts at home. As the American middle class tries to mimic the higher class, the poor strive to mimic the middle class. The actual poor are told that menial work is undignified, and the worst part is that this makes the work habits of the working poor deteriorate, and they fall out of the mainstream.

Consequences for the real American Poor

The dreams shattered after this level of partiality by the government as well as other non-profit charitable organizations. Immigrants aren’t the bad person here, and the real vicious circle lies within the society. This discrimination not only paves the way for anarchy and paradox among the social policies but can also be a major setback for people who have lived their entire life under the shadow of lack of alternatives, poverty, illiteracy, health hazards, etc. Ultimately these are the people who turn out to be the thieves, goons, and murderers to earn their livelihood. They give society what they had got their entire life.

The bottom line

The real irony is that the poor who really work hard to eradicate poverty is hardly featured or interviewed, whereas the irresponsible poor who don’t work at all are featured with their kids in front of a shack with their grief-stricken and hopeless faces. The U.S. has countless economic opportunities and societal perks, and anyone can avail them if they aren’t able to mount on the same opportunities in their respective countries. The only thing that can stop social chaos among the immigrants and the real poor is equality in everything, and that is something that only the government can provide.

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