Your Closest Peep Through To the Dysfunctional Family

Posted by Timeless Issues on December 9th, 2019

Family members are the people who are there for you to lean on and gain support at any odd that life throws. But what if your family members are the ones who attack you physically or emotionally? This is what happens in a dysfunctional family. It has a fair set of impact not just to the family members but to the society they live in as well. Curious to dig out more about this? Then stay tuned to this article and encounter the characteristics of a dysfunctional family and much more.

What is a dysfunctional family?

A family that has conflict, fallouts, and misbehaviors as the constant characteristics, is dysfunctional. A psychological disorder is traced in the minds of the members of the family. They have an anxious mindset and there is a momentous emotional disturbance among the members of the family. This even at times leads to some absurd cases of child abuse and negligence. Children of the dysfunctional family assume this condition to be a normal one.

What are the characteristics traits of dysfunctional family?

There are certain common identifiable traits observed in such families. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Addiction: As per the reports of the American Addiction Centers, most of the dysfunctional families are entrapped by some addiction, alcoholism is one of the most common forms of addiction observed yet.
  • Perfectionism: This is a characteristic of such family which becomes quite difficult to be spotted as the family appears picture-perfect to the society. The children in such cases grow with enough of the self-esteem issues which becomes challenging for the family later on.
  • Abuse: Abuses are common traits of such a family. Their arguments are devoid of a manner or a certain code of conduct.
  • An unpredictable fall out: The fear of unpredictable fall out is a constant thing in families like such. Even people cultivate a strange kind of fear always as arguments in the family are the badly heated to be handled.
  • Lack of intimacy: There is a lack of togetherness of emotional intimacy within the members of the family. This is quite evidently visible in most of the abnormal families which are dysfunctional. This even becomes one of the reasons for their constant argument.
  • Poor communication: A prominent communicational void is one of the most important characteristics that can be traced in families like such. The communication might be strained to some extent or might even be non-existent in some cases. This works to instill toxicity in the relationships of the family members with each other.


How a family does become a dysfunctional one?

There are several reasons which practically play a major role in the background. Here are some of them:

  • Financial distress can be one of such reasons that can make families show dysfunctional characteristics.
  • Religious beliefs have many times been observed to be the reason for conflict within the members of the family.
  • An appetite to enjoy authority amongst the family members also seeds conflicts in the relation shared by the members of the family.


Final words:

Children, being the future of a shallow family, grow up unusually. Thus, they become unpredictable which can be fairly dangerous both to the family and the society. Some psychological experts extend helping hand to such families and get them recovered from the condition.

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