Cylindrical Lenses to Cure Serious Eye Sight Problems

Posted by Cn Optics on December 10th, 2019

Today most people above age of 30 suffer from eye sight problems like long sightedness and short sightedness. Even many people suffer from eye diseases like astigmatism. If you are the one among them you can get relief from lens that have a cylindrical shape. These lenses are such that give focus to light in the form of a line instead in the form of a single point. Thus the images passing through these lenses attain a parallel shape after they touch this lens. Most of these lenses are used by eye sight doctors to cure diseases like astigmatism.

How do lens of cylindrical shape cure eye sight problems?

Before talking more about lenses of cylindrical shape let us peep into what is astigmatism. This is a very common condition in which the cornea of the human eyes does not get a curved shape in a normal format. This may cause blurred vision and you may not see anything clearly. Your eye vision might get faded due to astigmatism. This disease may also cause errors in the refractive index of your eyes. This may occur if the cornea or your eye lens is not smooth in a perfect way and may be curved beyond limit. Thus lens of cylindrical shape can cure eye sight problems like astigmatism in a very effective way.

How are these lenses different than spherical lenses?

Cylindrical lenses are quite different from spherical lenses. The latter are used into the ball of the eye lenses. On the other hand the former are taken from the surface of a cylinder like one that appears like a tumbler. The lenses of the cylindrical shape are very much different from lenses that are having a convex and concave shape. For this reason most patients suffering from eye problems like astigmatism are given these lenses of cylindrical structure. The cornea is shaped like a dome and in case of astigmatism the cornea is in an elliptical shape. This can be corrected by the lenses of cylindrical shape. These lenses can correct the shape of the human cornea.

What else can lens of cylindrical shape do for you?

If the right angle prisms in the lens of cylindrical shape function well then you can have a healthy eye sight with them. Thus you can say that these lenses work in a different way compared to lenses of convex, concave and spherical shape. These lenses are a bit more expensive compared to other lenses. Yet you can buy them online on the internet as many vendors are selling these lenses at a very affordable cost. If you are suffering from spherical lens error then also the lens of cylindrical shape can correct it well. If you are not in favor of using lens with excess curvature then the lens of cylindrical shape can help you well.

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