Runescape filled a niche

Posted by MMOexpshop on December 10th, 2019

I won't ever understand why someone in Jagex believed it'd be a great idea to modify the artstyle to a generic fantasy artstyle. At the time that RS gold must have been difficult to understand what the right call was.I played 2004 - 2007 off and on, and back then it was memed on a bit as being the uncool cousin of WoW. There was probably an indirect peer pressure to play wow instead. It was a time that is different. WoW's images have a classic charm for them, but again then wow had the benefit of becoming this mindblowing universe that was also present gen with a large huge buzz.

Why would you play the runescape game using the"little playdo guys" as my buddy at the time referred to it. I believe the gut response of Jagex was that their game wasn't taken as wow, and they felt a need to measure up. Now it's easy to see that this was not the ideal call, but again then images were bursting year on year and there was a hunger for that, and I'm sure they felt that the ideal move was to"evolve or perish".

Yea I do not think the answer was dry and cut. Runescape filled a niche, but WOW was performing a lot better financially and concerning runescape player count. WOW had influence and has been built and backed by one of the largest gaming companies at the moment. It was mocked for being a kid's game, a sport which you graduate from in order to play games. And it looked that way.

I frankly think that you'd need to have been a madman/genius to have the balls to say'no, runescape is remaining the way it is' when browser matches were quickly expiring (look what happened to neopets), PC gaming has turned into extremely sophisticated, and games like league of legends and minecraft started blowing in a way that MMOs never did. Even so, runescape continued to be the cousin what it tried to buy OSRS gold. I think we all prefer to believe that we would have kept the runescape game exactly the same but I do not believe we'd have, either as runescape players or as executives.

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