High Molecular Weight Plastic: Most Advantageous and Useful Kind of Plastic

Posted by evanjavier on December 9th, 2019

High Molecular Weight Plastic is a plastic that is very tough and resists heat. It has a high abrasion and wears resistance. The polythene is extremely versatile. This kind of plastic is quite popularly used in industrial functions which need low friction, chemical resistance, and durability. Some of the popular applications of High Molecular Weight Plastic are a marine dock, chain guides, wear strips, and so on. Read on to find out more about this kind of plastic.

What Are the Properties of High Molecular Weight Plastic?

Stated below are the material options and properties of High Molecular Weight Plastic:

  1. This kind of sheet is used for lining hoppers and chutes so as to protect the surfaces of metals and keep the solid materials such as wood chips, sand, or coal in a perfect and smooth moving condition.
  2. High Molecular Weight Plastic is very easy to fabricate. It is also used for food processing, packaging, as a conveyor, and so on. It is also used for processing machinery parts such as idler sprockets, star wheels, and wear strips.
  3. High Molecular Weight Plastic is a great material to be used for all kinds of marine construction applications such as pile guards, fender pads, anti-skid walkways, and so on. Unlike wood, this material also doesn't rot, corrode, or splinter. It also doesn't absorb moisture easily.
  4. There are different grades of High Molecular Weight Plastic, such as FDA compliant, reprocessed, and so on. All of these are used for different purposes.
  5. The coefficient of thermal expansion of High Molecular Weight Plastic is relatively high. It makes it difficult for the plastic to withstand the tight tolerances on the parts that will remain exposed to the changes in temperature.

What Are the Features of High Molecular Weight Plastic?

Stated below are the features of High Molecular Weight Plastic:

  1. The friction produced is very less (or nearly negligible).
  2. Another notable feature of this kind of plastic is that it has excellent resistance to abrasion.
  3. It also offers quite good chemical resistance.
  4. This kind of plastic doesn't absorb much moisture.
  5. It is also very easy to fabricate.
  6. Tensile strength present

All these features make High Molecular Weight Plastic an ideal option to be used in different kinds of industries for different kinds of purposes.

Some Popular Uses of High Molecular Weight Plastic

Some of the most popular uses of High Molecular Weight Plastic are as follows:

  1. High molecular weight plastic is ideally suited to be used in electrical appliances and other components that are subjected to stress and high wear. It provides great resistance against abrasion and high friction. Some of the most common uses of this kind of plastic are Facsimile rollers, word processor key plungers, noiseless gears, and so on.
  2. It is also used in select automotive applications as it offers mechanical endurance and resistance against high wear. It can be used in the straps of seat belts, glass run channels, and so on.
  3. High molecular weight plastic can also be used for making building and machine materials like the valve parts, rails for the furniture, and so on. The high wear resistance of this material, great sliding properties, resistance against abrasion, and chemical resistance, all of these factors make high molecular weight plastic a much better option as compared to PP, PC, Fluoropolymers, and others.

Chains or belts that are used in the food industry, motor bearings that are installed in the vending machines and bearings that are used in film developing processors incorporate the use of high molecular weight plastic.

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