With the arrival of the new version of Warcraft Classic, there is a new server

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on December 10th, 2019

With the arrival of the new version of Warcraft Classic, there is a new server

"All players level 51 and above will be placed in a single level range in this epic battle, while receiving reputation and mission rewards. Some of these rewards are very tempting, such as the huge number of WOW Classic Gold For Sale, rare equipment, rare weapons, etc. Compared to players who need to waste a lot of time to get World of Warcraft gold coins, here you can use your excellent strength to help you get a lot of WOW at a very low cost Buy WOW Classic Gold, this method is simply amazing!

"The Alliance entrance to Warsong Gulch is in Silverwing Forest in the Ashenvale Forest, and the Horde Entrance is near Morsan Base Camp in the northern Barrens. The Alliance and Horde Entrance in Alterac Valley is at the foot of Hillsbrad .Warsong Canyon and Alterac Valley. Or you can choose to enter by talking to the appropriate battle mage in your capital.

"The battlefield is cross-sector, which means that you will fight alongside your allies and against opponents in all areas of your area." The battlefield is a special type of area where PvP challenges can be found and more competitive Force faction games provide a good gaming environment.

These areas are characterized by red prompt entrances, so you can easily see them in the game. On the battlefield, player-to-player combat is always enabled, even if you play on a PvE server.

Blizzard also confirmed that the basic work of the paid role transfer service is also in progress.

The content that is highly anticipated by players is far more than this. If you are also an avid fan of World of Warcraft, I believe you will look forward to this update as much as I do. At this point I have prepared everything before the update and wait for the system to be officially updated.

Every time I explore in World of Warcraft, I will always be troubled by the shortage of World of Warcraft gold. And I am a player who does not like to grow gold. So every time in the game, I will restrict my development because of these interferences. Later, I bought a lot of cheap WOW Classic Gold in zzwow. Not only did I upgrade quickly in the game, but also saved a lot of money. I like it very much!

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