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Posted by Lara Gargett on December 10th, 2019

Nowadays, everyone needs to learn a computer network. Therefore, In Australian universities most of the professors assigned networking assignments tasks for better learning. So that they can easily learn how to communicate with each other and how the broad range of network works. Similarly, networking assignment help services assist the students to understand the whole module of networking.

Scale Wise Networking Is Categorised Into 5 Types: 

As per the professor of networking assignment help in Australia, these types are asked many times in networking assignments. 

  • LAN (Local Area Network): This network covers a small geographical area like colleges, offices, schools, etc. The main components of networking devices are router, hub, switches, NIC, and cables.

  • WAN (Wide Area Network): This type of network helps to connect computers to other cities or countries via radio waves or telephone lines etc.

  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network): It is used in a city via a wireless medium or using optical fiber cables. 

  • CAN (Campus Area Network): It is a military base computer network designed under a particular campus. 

  • HAN (Home Area Network): This network is connected within the house that connects with digital devices. 

Characteristics of Computer Networking

  • Easy sharing of resources from one place to another over the network

  • Number of people can use the data transmission

  • It has reliable data, it is an alternative source of data communication

  • The performance of the system is increased by adding more processors

  • It is the secure service, your data is safe during transmission of data

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