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Posted by Donald Hood on December 10th, 2019

1888 Press Release - High Traffic Web Advertising for their clients are placed on a high quality website which generates 1,000's of hits daily. If they listed with other companies with no results that is simply because they do no advertising in order to get people to their website! The Timeshare Network advertises on websites, print ads, the internet and they make use of Aircraft towing banners!

Bethesda-Frederick-Gaithersburg, MD - Your Timeshare Will Be Listed On Twitter! Each day they have people join their Twitter Page looking for newly listed timeshares forsale or rent. This is a great way to reach over 326,000,000 Twitter users! Many Twitter users are college graduates with money. Many are in there 30's and 40's which means they've got an interest in traveling and vacationing and probably have good jobs!

So many people who follow their Tweets have their Tweets come directly to their cellphone via SMS messages (Text Messages). They receive the listing the minute its posted to our website. Included in the text message will be the name of the resort, location, price, and a web link directly to your on-line listing. All they need to do is "tap" the link and a photo of your timeshare and its details are displayed on their cell phone.

Twitter is the hottest thing out there to get instant information to those people who are interested!

The Timeshare Network Works with Travel Agencies: They work with many Real Estate and Travel Agencies who need to book their clients into many of the worlds resort destinations. Let them book them into your timeshare! Let them sell or rent your unused timeshare. What other company has Travel Agencies coming direct to them to book guests into a Timeshare? Answer: Only

Print Advertising: Not only will your resort advertisement be on our high quality website but your advertisement will appear in our monthly publication "The Timeshare Traveler". This is a magazine which is distributed to many of the major resort areas and can be picked up free. "The Timeshare Traveler" can be found in many restaurants which do a high volume of business to the vacationing tourist!

Real-Time Ad Performance Statistics: Live counters are installed on your on-line resort advertisement. You can actually see how many people have viewed your advertisement simply by going to your ad listing. At the bottom of each advertisement you will see a counter that counts how many people have viewed your add.

The Timeshare Network is Better Than eBay and Craig's List!
eBay: They are far less expensive than eBay! For a 30 day timeshare listing on eBay their starting price is 0.00. That does not include any extra features such as photos (photos cost extra with eBay). The 0.00 fee is a standard plain text ad, nothing more. Additionally, if your timeshare sells on eBay there will be extra charges. eBay doesn't cater to timeshare buyers, nor do they hold timeshare tours. For the very few timeshares which eBay sells it will normally take 3+ months of eBay listings for get a buyer, that's over 0.00 plus commission plus deed transfer fees (0.00). You would spend over 0.00 with eBay with no guarantee of a sale. With the Timeshare Network there are no extra charges and they take care of the all filing & deed transfer fees! Most eBay sellers have excess financial baggage such as past maintenance fees, taxes and past due mortgages making an eBay timeshare purchase costly and unattractive.

What few timeshares are sold on eBay is usually sold at very low prices. If you search the eBay timeshare listings you will find that most of the timeshares with bids are at prices less than the eBay listing fee. The only people who look on eBay are those who are looking for "basement bargains".

Other than eBay's website, your timeshare will not receive exposure by any other method such as printed newsletters as we do at Second Hand Timeshares.

CraigsList: When posting a timeshare to CraigsList the major problem is what category you list in. CraigsList is not setup to give their listings national exposure. It is more designed for selling items to people in your local area. Example, you live in Los Angeles, CA and your timeshare is in Orlando, FL. Do you list your timeshare on the Los Angeles section or the Orlando section? If you list on the Los Angeles section, then only people living in LA are going to see your ad. If you listing on the Orlando section, then only people living in Orlando will see your ad. Lets face it, if you live in Orlando you most likely don't want to buy a timeshare in Orlando!

The way CraigsList's categorizes their items for sale is great for selling a washing machine or car but makes it nearly impossible to sell a timeshare or any item where you need nationwide exposure. Just like eBay, Craigslist items will only get exposure on the internet and not receive exposure in printed advertising.

The Timeshare Network: When listing your vacation timeshare on you pay a low affordable fee. Your timeshare will be featured on our website where buyers worldwide searching for timeshares will see your timeshare.

Your timeshare will also be featured in our monthly printed magazine "The Timeshare Traveler". This magazine can be found in many resort destinations and available free at many resort counters as well as many convenience stores in the nationals largest resort areas.

To gain greater exposure The Timeshare Network uses aerial advertising (airplanes pulling banners) along the beaches of many tropical resort cities. They are the only Timeshare Marketing service which publishes their own printed magazine of listings and uses aerial advertising. they don't just put a listing on the internet and hope someone sees it. We go the extra mile.

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