How To Take Care Of The Health Of You And Your Loved Ones

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Nowadays, society has changed from an agricultural society to an industrial society. The lives of people have changed, both in terms of labor and working, using the brain to sit at the desk. Living in a hurry can cause stress.

Health care to keep the body healthy Must know that eating food is important Next is exercise. For this reason, the Department of Health Ministry of Public Health And the Institute of Nutrition and Food and Nutrition Related Agencies, therefore, has established "9 rules for eating healthy food or 9 rules of nutrition in order to disseminate and use as guidelines for proper eating Must be according to nutrition.

The nine commandments include

1. Eat 5 groups of food, each group to become more diverse and keep your body weight To provide nutrients that The body needs thorough and standard weight, not fat or too thin.

2. Eat rice, alternating with flour diet in some meals Choose to eat brown rice instead of white rice and get more value and fiber.To discover more information on health and beauty, you've to visit website.

3. Eat a lot of vegetables and eat fruit regularly. Eat fruits and vegetables at every meal. Will help strengthen the immune system and fight against cancer.

4. Eat fish, lean meat, eggs and dried beans on a regular basis. Fish is a good quality protein and easily digested, which is easy to find. Dried beans are plant protein that can be used to replace meat.

5. Drink milk suitable for age Milk helps strengthen bones and teeth. Children should drink 1-2 glasses of milk a day. Adults should drink 1-2 glasses of skim milk per day.

6. Eat foods that are moderately fat. Eat fried foods, stir fry or coconut milk, but moderately choose to eat foods that are boiled, steamed, grilled.

7. Avoid eating spicy, sweet, salty foods. Eat very sugary. Risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease. Eat salty, high risk of high blood pressure.

8. Eat clean food without contamination. Foods that are not undercooked and contaminated with germs and chemicals such as borax, color accelerators, fungicides, bleaches, formalin insecticides, can cause disease.

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9. Abstain or reduce alcoholic beverages Because it makes you vulnerable to high blood pressure, cirrhosis, and esophageal cancer And many more diseases.

To help and take good care of each other Especially in healthcare Each person has a duty to look after their own health. Which, when everyone is taking care of their health to not get sick The general health or family health will also be healthy as well. If so Family will only have happiness. In this regard, the family can be enlarged according to the following guidelines.

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