How Effective Is A Fire Blanket Against other fire fighting Options?

Posted by aniket vichare on December 10th, 2019

A fire safety blanket is often the main safety equipment in a kitchen or an office or a lab or in a chemical factory as it protects your loved ones from a fire emergency. A feeble stream of water may not be of any help in an emergency situation. You will need to have a fiberglass fire blankets that meets the global standard for an effective control of flames for an early stage detection of fire. We have recently seen in various cases such as the Delhi Anaj Mandi Fire or the Surat Tuition Classes Fire or the Mumbai Kamala Mills Fire where the absence of fire fighting equipment led to major loss of lives and to property. Had there been a combination of fire blankets for initial fire control plus fire extinguishers for extinguishing bigger blaze plus water sprinkler system for controlling a large fire the damage to life and property in all three cases would have minimal. The main advantage of a fire blanket over fire extinguisher is that the fire blanket is easy to use, light in weight, cost effective and does not damage the equipment whilst trying the extinguish fire.

How to Use Your Fire Blanket

1.Hang in easily accessible places

You must hang the fire safety blanket near the kitchen or near a source of fire. You should be able to access it very quickly if the fire breaks out.

2. Pull the dark-colored drawstrings

There are two dark drawstrings that you ought to pull as soon as you reach the blanket after the fire breaks out. You will find them hanging from the bottom that allows the blanket to slip out from the red bag.

3. Place yourself behind the fire blanket while facing the fire

Grab the fire blanket at its top corners and pull it up to your chest height while facing the fire. For using the entire surface area of the blanket, you must stretch it out.

4.Stretch the blanket over the fire

The fire needs to be covered by the blanket as you keep it between you and the fire. You ought to spread it completely over the fire. Your primary aim is to use it for smothering the fire.

5. Leave the blanket covering the fire

You must cover the fire with the fire blanket for some time and make sure that it’s covered fully. The blanket must be kept on the fire as it eats up all the oxygen of the fire and hence extinguishes the flames.

6.Switch off the supply of power

To prevent a widespread electrical power, you ought to switch off the power supply closer to the fire source. Check out if the fire blanket manufacturer has mentioned any specifications in this regard. It will help in keeping the electrical fire from spreading.

7. Avoid using water

Water is not always capable of stopping fires. Instead of throwing water, you may consider using the blanket or extinguisher on most occasions.

8.Assess the problem

You must use a fire extinguisher if the fire blanket isn’t enough for covering the fire. If you aren’t capable of controlling the fire and it keeps spreading, then you ought to call the fire department.

9. Disposing of Your Blanket after Use

A fire safety blanket needs to be disposed of after use. Look out for instructions laid down by the fire blanket manufacturer in this regard.

Fire blankets must be used only once per blanket and disposed off after usage. However, it is in the best interest of a user to throw it out as its tough for him to re-arrange the fiberglass element of the blanket in the original form. Reusing it for the second time may be tough since it loses effectiveness once it gets damaged during the very first time.

You may choose to consider buying the multi-pack while placing your order for the first one. This way, you could find a backup once you are done with the first one. You will achieve high-value returns with the multi-packs.

Aniket has spent years in dealing with numerous fire safety devices. His expertise has helped numerous families in pulling out of risks.

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