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Posted by IQC Certification Services Australia Pty Ltd on December 10th, 2019

IQC offers HACCP accreditation certificates. If you need a food hygiene certificate in Melbourne, we make it easier for you. Ensure that your company creates safe food products for its consumers and stand out with a certified Food Safety Management System that displays commitment to food standards. Today, consumers are well informed and expect that companies adhere to safe food handling practices.

The presence of a Food Safety Management System assures both the company and consumers that internal checks and balances are in process which protects consumers from digesting foods that are not up to safety standards. The Food Safety Management System proves that a food processing plant and company is committed to the duty of care that they are called to abide in as expected from responsible producers.

The lack of a system in place may result to negative outcomes for food processing plants and companies in terms of overhead costs and reputation. Hence, a Food Safety Management System guarantees the identification and removal of potential risks and hazards, compliance with relevant legislation, and minimised product wastage and recall to name a few.

ISO 22000: Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS)

A recognized certificate on Food Safety Management Systems certificate assures consumers that the Food Safety System has been assessed in line with best practices and legal compliances. An independent certification body issues the certification, assuring customers that food safety standards have been met.

The Food Safety Management System aims to help food handlers follow proper procedure when food is at a critical and harmful state for consumption. Hygienic practices are incorporated - from treating raw materials, processes, equipment handling, and all personnel involved in every stage.

Contact us today to get your business accredited with the most applicable certificates in food safety and hygiene certification.

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