Medical Mounting Cards Market: Growth Analysis By Manufacturers, Regions

Posted by Kishor on December 10th, 2019

Global Medical Mounting Cards market: Overview

Medical mounting cards are pouch cards which are used to secure medical devices into a sterile packaging solution. Medical devices are snapped into these mounting cards and then inserted into a pouch. Medical mounting cards ensure that instruments remains protected throughout the supply chain. Variety of medical devices and instruments can be sterilized and safely packaged using custom medical mounting cards, which uses die-cut mounting. Medical mounting cards are manufactured using thin, and lightweight polyethylene, which provides cost-effective solutions to medical packaging.

Some manufacturers in medical mounting cards market also uses solid bleached sulfate coated paperboard material. Medical mounting cards basically creates a secure seal onto the packaged material, which further adds to the quality and security of the product. As the medical packaging manufacturers finding alternatives to conventional packaging, medical mounting cards market is estimated to witness significant growth during forecast period. By using an appropriate tag or fold, a medical mounting card can designed for wide range of pharmaceutical applications. The manufacturers in the medical mounting cards market prefer cost-effective solutions as well as a mounting card that can easily handle sharp medical devices and equipment.

Global Medical Mounting Cards market: Dynamics

Medical mounting cards provide a reliable solution for the manufacturers to enhance their product shelf life. Medical mounting cards are specifically customized by some of the manufacturers, replacing thermoform trays. Medical mounting cards are used in hospitals, medical clinics, and emergency centers among others. Protection of medical devices against shock, puncture, bursting, splitting, and atmospheric changes is essential. Medical mounting cards market is estimated to grow as the need for protective packaging is increasing. Medical institutions and brand owners prefer FDA approved manufacturers and also a lightweight packaging inserts. Medical mounting cards acts as a holder for devices such as catheter tray, needle, and orthopedic packs.

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Medical mounting cards market is expected to expand in the upcoming years following the continuously growing medical packaging market. Medical mounting cards are ideal for fragile or delicate instruments and devices that require high stability and protection during shipment. Medical mounting cards are available in different die-cut molds & designs, which can be specifically created according to the consumer requirements. The digital medical packaging is growing by leaps and bounds, resulting into more innovative medical mounting cards. The smart packaging is an appropriate solution for the manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry, to enhance the performance capabilities of the product.

Global Medical Mounting Cards market: Regional Outlook

U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) created new rules and revisions for medical packaging systems and their material usage. North American medical mounting cards market is estimated to have significant growth, as the changing considerations always affects whole manufacturing processes. The Union Cabinet has given an amendment of the FDI policy in the pharmaceutical sector, in order to allow 100% FDI. Medical device packaging increment further boosts the medical mounting cards market in the Asia Pacific region.

Global Medical Mounting Cards market: Key Players

  • UFP Technologies
  • PMC Medical Packaging
  • Nelipak corporation
  • Oliver Healthcare Packaging, LLC
  • Placon Corporation Inc.

Global Medical Mounting Cards market: Developments

  • The customized medical mounting cards provided by Oliver healthcare packaging are replacing the thermoform packaging. Oliver healthcare packaging acquired Mangar medical packaging for increment in sterile barrier packaging solutions. Company offers medical grade die-cut lid, roll stock, mounting cards, and other medical device packaging formats

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