Good cooked pu-erh has these tastes

Posted by naturalpuerh on December 10th, 2019

Our Organic Dragon well/Long Jing green tea is organic, growing in the seaside high mountain located on Peach Island in Zhoushan city, Zhejiang, which is certificated by Germany Kiwa BCS Oeko-Garantie GmbH

With the good environment, our tea gets a special high flavor and good taste. It is known for "four uniques": bright green color, sweet scent, full-bodied flavor, elegant shape. The flat and even appearance shows emerald color, bright and yellow-green water color, fresh aroma, mellow and sweetish taste.

The peak period of the quality of cooked tea is obviously not new tea, medium-term tea, but old tea. Old cooked tea has undergone the baptism of time. It has not been created for twenty or thirty years. During this period, it gradually settled and accumulated. With all the aura and knowledge of cooked tea, a top-grade cooked tea was born!
First, Chen.
The chief of the old cooked tea, fragrant, flavored and rhyme, are restrained and low. After decades of aging, the old cooked tea dissipates heaps of smell, odor, greenness, and some flamboyant erratic sweetness. The aroma and sweetness have little influence and convergence on the taste, the bitterness disappears, and the full mouth is full of strong Chen flavor. These further enhance the Chen Yun of cooked tea, and the Chen of old cooked tea, which is time's taste!
After the tea soup is imported, the same thing we need to do is to make the tea soup and the inner wall of the mouth, the tip of the tongue and the bottom of the tongue full touch, experience the smoothness, sweetness, consistency, and bitterness of the tea soup, and then swallow Tea soup is gradually reminiscent. If in your tasting, you not only taste the smooth and sweet tea soup, but also slightly astringent, slightly bitter and sweet, and your body is slightly warm, then it is clear that this cooked tea you drink must be a Rare good tea.
Second,  Pure.
It is simple, condensed and focused. The matured tea is transformed to the peak of quality. The aroma is the highest aroma, no odor. The taste is glycerol. The soup color is rich and shiny amber. Reddish brown and reddish, old cooked tea is pure model!
Three, dense Pu-erh  tea becomes more and more fragrant, and the more mature and mature the tea is, the more mature and stronger the old tea must be. The old mature tea must be thick to be thick. Thickness is a thick condition, but thick ripe tea is not necessarily thick. Some over-fermented cooked tea soups are dark brown in color, and seem to be thicker but weaker. In the later transformation of cooked tea, many of the contents are separated out. The previously less water-soluble substances gradually become smaller molecules, and the soup is getting thicker. Then, the richness and layering of the taste also increased, and the denseness followed, but if the old-fashioned tea is stored, the internal quality will gradually decrease until the contents are completely gone, as long as the soup is colored.
Third,  Aroma.
Aroma: No matter the raw or cooked tea, the aroma should be pure and unpleasant. The purity of the aroma should be different from musty and scented. The musty smell is an unpleasant metamorphosis. The scent of scent is an inductive aroma produced by the new substances formed by various chemical components under the effect of microorganisms and enzymes in the post-fermentation process of Pu-erh tea. Some like longan, red date, betel nut, etc., have a pleasant smell.
Forth, Sweetness.
The sweetness should be related to the material, "fragrant", "thick" and "smooth" seem to be one. The so-called "thickness" is often understood as a sticky feeling like drinking a thin porridge (perhaps glutinous rice flour). It can also be considered to be the reason for the richer contents of tea. "Thick" is generally the root of "slip", and it is also the cause of "fragrant".

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