Release pent up stress with Thai Yoga massage in Montreal

Posted by bodhimassage on December 10th, 2019

Are you extremely stressed out and in pain most of the days? Do you feel sluggish and unable to take up strenuous activities because of exhaustion? If yes, then please hold on to that bottle of medication that you reach out to relieve the body of pain. You can try out some alternative methods like a relaxing massage that can help you out immensely.

Pains and aches are a part and parcel of life and are treated in today’s world by “pop the pill” methods, but this was not how pain was treated in ancient times. People of Thailand, since times galore believe in the therapeutic and rejuvenating Thai Massages to get rid of body pains and treat medical conditions without any external medication. The Thai Yoga massage in Montreal uses yoga postures, meditation, breathing techniques, manipulation of the soft tissues, pressing of muscles, to relax the body and heal it from within.
The advantages of a Thai yoga massage are:    

1) Relieves stress: We always misinterpret stress but sometimes it motivates a person positively to achieve more and perform better. In this way they are able to accomplish more, but when the stress levels are excessive they create chaos and take a toll on the physical and mental wellness of a person.

Massages help manipulate tissues and muscles of the body prompting it to release all the pent up emotional and physical tension. The muscles and tissues are stretched and pressed with different techniques and the body slowly feels light and tranquil. This procedure helps lower stress and promotes relaxation. The patient contributes equally in the massage and does not leave the manipulation tactics only to the therapist.

2) The physical energy levels of a person can reduce because of a hectic and tiring lifestyle. The energy levels and mental stimulation can be boosted with the help of Thai Yoga massage in Montreal. Energy flows through the blood, nerves, muscles, bones, tissues in energy channels within the body. Tight muscles cause the life energy in the body to get blocked and people start to feel pain and stiffness. The energy flow needs to move quick and fast in the body and a relaxing massage can help by applying corrective pressure targeting energy channels.  

3) The circulation of lymph and blood is stimulated with stretching and the frequent headaches slowly start to improve. The tissues get extra oxygen and other nagging aches and pains felt in the body are relieved. The heart becomes healthy and cell growth is promoted.

4) The mobility and range of motion are improved with the help of the soothing and pressing actions of the masseuse’s hands. Whether it is the somato-sensory system or the circulatory system, the whole body benefits with this therapeutic massage.

5) Athletes and sportsmen gain greatly by the manipulation, stretching and pressure techniques used on the body and their athletic performance is enhanced greatly. The flexibility and mobility of the body provides a better range of motion with gradual stretching over a period of time.

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