Swimming Pool Color Design-Pool Tile and Pool Mosaic Application

Posted by aihw on December 11th, 2019

The color effect of the pool water is one of the important parts of the beautiful design of the pool. The factors that affect the color of the pool water are summarized: the surrounding environment color, lighting, the sky, and the pool tiles in the pool. The color of the conventional pool depends on the influence of the pool tiles and the sky color. .

The color design requirements are different in different types of swimming pool applications, such as regular competition swimming pools, the color matching of pool tiles in the pool must be in accordance with competition rules, safe use of public places, and in line with sports color science; The color of the swimming pool can be freely and flexibly applied according to the decoration style of the place or personal preference (avoid large-scale dark pool tiles in public pools).

Pool mosaic tile is the most abundant type of pool tiles for swimming pools. The combination of particles of different colors reflects the ever-changing colors and patterns from the water. This requires the designer's creative application of pool mosaics. According to foreign designers' color science, the colors of swimming pools are divided into: sea blue, lake blue, lake green, sky blue, and light blue.

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