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Which Sex Toys Material Is Safe To Use?

Posted by Kinkee on December 11th, 2019

Nowadays, many people are interested in sex toys and purchasing the right sex toy can become quite an overwhelming experience. Some people worry about the kind of sex toy they should buy, the shape, and the size of the sex toys, features, and finally, the material these sex toys are made of. Whether one should use them or not, the material of sex toys should always be your first concern because you are going to insert these sex toys inside the most sensitive part of your body.

Since materials of sex toys products should be a matter of concern, and unfortunately sex toy industry is highly unregulated, and there are many companies out there who pay the least interest on the materials used to manufacture their sex toys. So, there can be some sex toys available in the market, which are not body-safe and may cause severe complications. So, whenever you think about buying vibrators Canada, make sure that you read the product description carefully and if possible, talk to their support department to get more information about the product.

You can distinguish sex toys material under two categories. One is porous and the second one us non-porous. The thumb rule is to stay away from porous materials. There are sex toys which are made of porous materials, and they will usually be soft to touch, while some may be made of hard plastic. If the plastic material is other than ABS material, then you can assume that it is made of porous material.

Porous material can quickly collect bacteria and become dirty, making it very difficult for the buyer to clean it. Female centric sex toys Canada, which are made of porous material, are the main reason for STI and yeast infection.

Here are the best materials to choose for your sex toys:

Silicon sex toys

Silicon sex toys are always body-safe, and they are commonly found in the market as well. They are affordable and are non-porous as well. The best part about silicone sex toys is that they can adapt to body temperature, making it comfortable for the users.

ABS plastic sex toys

 Another commonly found sex toys material is ABS plastic sex toys. They are also cost-effective and are absolutely body-safe also. ABS will not cause any damage to your body.

Glass sex toys

Glass is also safe, it is non-porous, and you can easily clean glass-made sex toys. If you are interested in sex toys, then you can consider glass sex toys.

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