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Posted by kanuj on December 11th, 2019

Firstly it is important to mark that GenZ refers to the audience between the age group of  18-21, Millennials lies between the age group of 22-37 and GenX lies between 38-53. At Sellacious, we internally define an omnichannel eCommerce model as the selling of products and offering services both online and offline along with multiple online channels like Amazon, Facebook marketplace, eBay, or B2B. In today’s world where no single consumer is buying from a solo medium of purchase, consumers from all generations buy online, in-store, or through the marketplace, from legacy retailers or brands alike.  

From Studies, Gen Z audience spent 2x or 3x more on buying through social media channels than the average consumers. Lead has been taking by the Instagram and Snapchat marketplace when talking of Gen Z as they as the major users of both the applications. Whereas, Gen X skews or lets us say has a bent towards the Facebook marketplace. 

According to the statistics, 9.6% of Gen Z audience buys form the physical stores which are remarkably lesser than other generations. Millennials stand at 31.04%, Gen X rate 27.5%, and baby boomers which are the audience which lies in the age group of 54-72 years have reached 31.9%.

Not only this, but Gen Z also spends a little more on the Facebook-based marketplace, that is, 11.8% compared to Millennials which are at 23.39% of their total population, Gen X at 29.39% and Baby Boomers at 24.56%. With such increasing and exponentially emerging numbers, it is highly essential for any marketplace owner or entrepreneurs to choose the best eCommerce development solutions that not only help create a PWA compliant omnichannel model-based web store but also provide the maximum number of features for minimal or at no cost. Platforms like Sharetribe offers the recipe to create an omnichannel application in a higher-priced version named as Sharetribe Flex. It is a matter to know that creating an omnichannel marketplace is a methodology, an idea, to claim that your application is omnichannel. A platform like Sellacious provides all the essential integrations essential for creating an omnichannel marketplace for free or at minimal cost as compared to other platforms but also has more than 5000 eCommerce development solutions available for free to cater all of the agile marketplace requirements. 

With Sellacious, you as a store owner could implement certain strategies to get the Omnichannel eCommerce embedded. For example, let say, capture data, track conversions, and target messaging through SMS and email campaigns. The focus could be put on user experience and customer experiences while complete shopping and delivery transactions. Automation could be implemented at every step and in order to save your sanity. Integrations are available to allocate the application user with appropriate resources. 

Sellacious sites can hold the ability to get in collaboration with industry top website management capabilities like that for shipping and packaging, payment, and many more.  The administrator can also manage multiple modules through a single dashboard. Through a single dashboard of admin, it is easier to distribute and provide a birds-eye view to other stakeholders of what is going in the marketplace. 

Sometimes it becomes really cumbersome for a vendor to enroll themselves with a marketplace and start getting shared benefits. Multi-vendor shopping cart software should be capable of enrolling any number of vendors that too without any hassle. They should be able to signup and start selling their products in no time else they may get reluctant in creating their store under your umbrella.

With Sellacious, you overcome all such hurdles and can create your own store in just 15 minutes. With our platform, the store owner can easily manage the vendors and their products while getting the commission on every sale by them. These are just a glimpse. There is much more to discover when using Sellacious. We also provide 24x7 customer support to all of our customers. Free consultations and call to action in order to grow your catalog, target audience, eCommerce sales exponentially with Sellacious.

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