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Posted by Sealectric on December 11th, 2019

To make your dream of a perfect and modern kitchen a reality, you don't have to hire a lot of experts or spend a lot of time looking for the perfect and inexpensive solution for decorating your kitchen interior. Simplicity and elegance are contemp's styles.

It can be used as a neutral background for your own interpretation of various style decisions. With the least use of decorative elements, this style is characterized by scaling and linearity in the layout. To create a kitchen interior according to the shape of the shape, combine the kitchen design with elements of ethnic style or exotic elements. New items will help transform your kitchen into the most suitable place in the house, where you will not only cook, but combine with your family, talk about dreams, desires and solve urgent problems. You will get more information on cookhouse appliances by visiting The Complete Kitchen Co.

At first glance, the contemp form may look shapeless and cold. The lack of unnecessary details in the decoration is compensated with elegant lines. Inexpensive and comfortable furniture, despite the mass production and lack of expensive equipment, gives the kitchen a beautiful appearance, full of simple shapes and soft lines.

All basic elements of the interior of the kitchen should be practical and practical. The kitchen should have the items and equipment you need. Acquisition and new equipment additional functions must meet these requirements. All sorts of extravagance, lush or fanciful elements of decoration will look out of place in the kitchen in the form of contemp.

Style features - Maximum simplicity
Since the style is based on linearity, it does not accept chaos and confusion. When choosing furniture, the best option is to choose a headset in a simple but elegant style.

In addition, do not forget about the function of the headset. Curbstones should be compact. But there are many drawer storage boxes To fit the image of a working and spacious kitchen, all products, objects, equipment, and accessories should be hidden from the eyes.

Choose your furniture in IKEA style. Such furniture allows the appearance of shelves, sliding panels and various surface transformers. Sliding structure and modular system can be reconstructed and changed as needed. This will make the kitchen into a versatile, comfortable and ergonomic room.

For large household electrical appliances it should work best and the exterior design should be cruel and consistent with the overall color scheme.

Color scheme and space
To create the right atmosphere in the kitchen, you should use neutral colors. For interior design, use muted colors, especially in pastel colors. To make the room more lively and private, you need to combine a neutral kitchen design with bright elements in the design - to create a contrasting accent. It can be knives in bright colors or cover the chair.

When looking at the catalogue with the kitchen interior in a contempt style, you can notice the presence of various geometric solutions that do not violate the overall linearity of the interior. But brings something new In the picture you can notice a variety of colors in the design of the modular section, when the elements of the furniture set are used as a bright accent - the doors of the cabinet, accessories or geometric design.

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