Best Effective Shopping Practices to Save Money on Clothes

Posted by Imran Ali on December 11th, 2019

On average adults aged between 25-34 spends 161 dollars per month on clothing. Adults aged 35-44, spend around 209 dollars per month on clothing. Clothes are an essential part of everyone's life, and it's important to make yourself look good. That doesn't mean you should burn out all your budget on clothes shopping. It's better to always keep a limit on the amount you spend on clothes. Most financial experts have the opinion that you should only spend around 5% of your budget on buying clothes. Multiplying your monthly salary with 0.05 would give you the maximum amount you should spend on clothes. Right now, if you are thinking "don't buy any more expensive clothes!", you got it all wrong. Clothes get worn out quite quickly, which ends up making you purchase new ones. But there are few methods or techniques that you can use to have a great collection of clothes without spending much.

1. Buy Top Quality Clothes

One common thing about clothes shopping is people either spend a lot of money on clothes or a minimal amount of buying small price clothes. Some buyers will argue that there is no point in buying expensive clothes and wasting money. But the truth is, in the long run, costly clothes tend to last longer than cheap low-quality clothes. Quality clothes might be more expensive, but it is worth the investment. They not only last longer but will also make you feel better. Clothes offered by Anotah Fashion, an online fashion store can be considered as the best example of quality clothes. From high-end fabrics to the stitching and design of the clothes, it is made to last longer. Expensive clothes usually win out on the factor of cost per wear. Cost per wear is a factor that gives an idea about how much you spend per wear to how long you will be able to use it.

2. Buy Clothes that Fit

Buying clothes because you are attracted to just the look of it is the biggest and the most common mistake everyone makes. Around 70% of the clothes that you own right now might be the result of you buying a piece of clothing in the store since it's tempting. Buying such type of clothes would end up making your wardrobe full, but you don't end up wearing any of that. You can easily save a lot of money by buying clothes that fit for you and will look good on you.

3. Make the Most of Online Shopping Sites

Gone are the days where you have to go to a physical store to get a piece of cloth. With the e-commerce market witnessing increasing growth, the shopping experience has changed over the years. Online shopping for clothes provides an excellent opportunity to save a lot of money. Offers like cashback, scratch cards are some of the ways by which you can save your hard-earned money. Some of the retailers occasionally run clearance sale, discount offers, promotions which you can make use. Anotah Fashion is one such online shopping site that offers unique collections of trendy and fashionable clothes.

4. Make Use of Coupons

There are lots of website and apps that provide coupons which helps save you some valuable money. Make the most use of the coupons to avail discount while completing your order when doing online shopping. Even most e-commerce sites provide exclusive coupons for their customers which can be utilized to avail discounts. Collect all the coupons available and use it when you are planning to buy something.

5. 50% Off Doesn’t Mean you Should Buy It

Everyone might have gone through situations where you are tempted to buy clothes only because there are some offers associated with them. You would end up buying them but won't wear it 99% of the time. It would be nice if such unnecessary expenses are avoided so that you can keep your spending on clothes in check. Most financial experts would suggest only to spend on necessities rather than wasting your hard-earned and valuable money on things that you won't use. Keep only a certain number of clothes in your wardrobe and make sure you only add new clothes when the old cloth needs a replacement. Implementing this special quality in your life can help you manage your budget up to some extent.

6. Take the Best Care of your Existing Clothes

Taking good care of your clothes can make it last longer, which means you won't have to replace them quite often. You can avoid washing your clothes every time to make it last longer. Clothes like jeans and sweaters can be worn again by just only airing out instead of washing them. Quality of clothes worsens each time you wash it. It would be wise to inspect your clothes before arriving at any decision.

Visit to know more about what to do instead of washing your clothes most often. 

Change of seasons means you have to tuck away seasonal clothes until next year. Keeping your clothes in the cupboard for a long time can result in the growth of fungus or mold. It is not good for clothes and is hazardous for your health too. You can protect your clothes by using vacuum storage bags, canvas storage containers, and so on. To know more about storage tips for your clothes, visit,

7. Out of Season Cloth Shopping

Buying clothes in the off-season is one of the best ways to save some money. Shopping for the future can help you get better deals and offers than buying at the right time.  You need to plan accordingly to get this done. Chances of getting clearance sales on sweaters and coats during the summertime are very high. It is a good strategy that can be made use of to keep the budget in check.

8. Plan your Budget

Have an idea about how much money you are planning to spend on clothing each month. Based on your income, you can create a suitable budget plan and change your shopping plans accordingly so that you don't overspend. 

Most of these above-mentioned tactics are good to help you save money on clothes shopping. Apart from these tactics, there are a lot more options available and it depends entirely on your lifestyle and spending behaviour. All these tactics, when used together, can bring changes to your spending habits on clothes and save you a lot of money.

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