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Artificial Trees for Home Decoration

Posted by Ledcherryblossomtrees on December 11th, 2019

Artificial trees are majorly used for the purpose of decorations and they are mostly used as Christmas trees. The first Christmas silk tree was developed in the 19th century in Germany. The trees then were made of green dyed goose feathers and they become popular in the 20th century. The use of Artificial trees has since been encouraged as they help in the conservation of natural forests and hence reduce deforestation.

Today, a lot of homes and offices prefer artificial trees, plants and flowers rather than live options. There are always two sides to the coin; some individuals may still prefer the live plants as these may exude a fragrance while giving observers an appreciation of nature. Outdoor Lighted Led Trees

But there is an increasing advancement on artificial trees and plants to not only look real but feel and smell like the real options. Technology has progressed rapidly to produce faux trees and plants that look so real from a distance or close up.

Are you interested to get some artificial trees at home or at your office? Indeed this is a choice that is being made by more and more people as they think on the benefits that they can obtain from using such plants. Artificial trees do have a lot of benefits when you compare them to their natural counterparts. The aim of this article is to provide you more information on the advantages of these trees in order to help you take a decision when it comes to choosing plants for decorations.

An important but much overlooked bit of advice in the keep and care of silk trees is to keep them away from cooking areas or near open flames. The materials that are used in the construction of artificial trees are ideal food for fires and the kitchen is the source of fire for all households. In addition to the threat posed by flames from the kitchen silk trees stand the risk of being enveloped by a layer of grease from the air in the kitchen. This grease will prove challenging to remove if it gets onto the silk trees. Cherry Blossom Outdoor Tree

The greatest enemy of silk trees is dust. Over time, dust will begin to gather on your artificial tree. The amount of dust artificial trees accumulate vary and will be determined by where you have placed your tree. Therefore an silk tree placed near to a front entrance is more likely to gather dust than one in a room where the windows and doors are rarely opened. Using a feather duster to dust silk trees at regular intervals such as once per week should be enough to keep them relatively clean. However, if in spite of your regular dusting your artificial trees begin to look dull and old you may consider doing a more detailed cleaning job using a mixture of water and a gentle cleaning solution, preferably homemade. This can be done every three to six months depending on the condition of the artificial trees. Before cleaning the plant using the water and cleaning solution it is recommended that a simple test be done first to see if the plant can withstand the cleaning process. Choose a leaf in an inconspicuous spot on the plant and try cleaning that first. Some of the materials used to make up the artificial trees and their adhesives may have adverse reactions to being cleaned that way.

There are many types of Silk trees and the difference comes in with the size and material the trees are made from. The sizes could range from small, medium to big and the materials that are used to make the trees range from silk, aluminum, plastic, feathers, fiber optic and to brush bristles. In this article, we will look at trees that are made from aluminum, brush bristles, features, plastic and optic fiber. We start with those made from brush bristles. The first Silk tree that was made from brush bristles was in 1930 by Addi's Brush Company that is US-based. 

The trees were made from animal hair bristles that were dyed green. The advantage of brush bristle trees was that they are not easily flammable and they also allow for heavier ornamentation. Next is the plastic Silk trees; many of the plastic Silk trees were made in China. The advantage of this type of Silk tree is that they are fire retardant. Then are those made from aluminum. This kind of trees was first manufactured in the United States in 1958. Next are those made from feathers; this kind was first made in Germany and they became popular in the United States. The advantage of these trees is that they provide a large space for ornamentation and they also reduced the demand for shed needles. Then finally are those trees made from optic fiber. This kind comes in two varieties that is one made of wispy fiber optic cables and the other just resembles a normal traditional Silk tree.

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