Fresh beer in stainless steel beer kegs is more refreshing

Posted by sere on December 11th, 2019

 With the progress of society and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, beer has become an indispensable drink in our daily lives. However, in the fast-paced era, young people who are the mainstay of beer consumption do not seem to be so enthusiastic about or favored for regular bottled beer consumption for decades or even hundreds of years. With the continuous development of science and technology, new types of draft beer barrel packaging have quietly risen in China.

At present, traditional draft beer kegs have been criticized for their high cost and weight, and their large impact on product net weight during transportation. The birth of high-tech products and large-capacity PET beer kegs will replace the current common stainless steel beer kegs, and will provide conditions for beer manufacturers and distributors to significantly reduce the load capacity and transportation costs of round-trip containers. force!

PET beer kegs not only have the beauty and elegance of traditional beer kegs, but also solve the problems of high cost and weight of stainless steel kegs. They have high barrier properties, heat resistance, pressure resistance, light resistance and transparency, making beer Lasts well during the storage period.

Stainless steel beer kegs are currently widely used as beer storage tools in the market. Because beer kegs have the advantages of strong anti-corrosion ability, high hardness, and strong resistance to several major capabilities, they are widely used in various industries, especially The transportation and storage industry is relatively prominent. Fresh beer fermentation is an important application aspect of beer kegs.

Because wine-making requires long-term fermentation, the fermentor must have the ability to work for a long time, and it must have sufficient pressure resistance to withstand the strong pressure generated during the fermentation process. The beer keg just meets the requirements, and the beer keg also has The sealing performance can seal the gas inside and prevent the fermentation of alcohol from overflowing. It is an indispensable device in the wine industry.

In addition, beer kegs are also important equipment for storing wine. Stainless steel beer kegs have the characteristics of pressure holding and heat preservation, convenient filling and transportation, and can be used in various places. Compared with other packaging forms of beer, they have low investment and are launched. The advantages of fast and quick results, but also because of the refreshing taste of fresh beer and rich nutritional value have made the market position and development space of beer kegs.


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