Technological trends

Posted by Mahmood Poonja on December 11th, 2019

Technological trends

The artificial intelligence and machine learning are two of the technologies that will generate greater benefits for tourists, as more personalized travel recommendations to the tastes and expectations of the customer. And all with a new interface: the voice, with virtual assistants facilitating a more natural interaction between humans and technology.

Ease of use as a differentiating element

Tourists are very interested in disruptive technologies, such as virtual reality or artificial intelligence, but the innovations that will be most successful among consumers will be those that offer good user experiences in practical tools, which provide solutions to the needs of tourists . 

Tourists are especially interested in:

  • Hotel services via mobile (open the room and manage light and temperature)

  • Better luggage control throughout the trip

  • Mobile applications where they can concentrate all the travel information

  • Transportation at the destination with autonomous vehicles

  • Virtual reality experiences that allow tourists to familiarize themselves with the destination and local tourism providers

Data vs. personal contact

The obsession to measure everything in the universe of algorithms in which we live and in which customers are transformed into a simple number. Technology cannot dehumanize the deal with customers. If not, we will end up losing them.

Bookings with cryptocurrencies

In the future, transactions in Bitcoins will be seen, which will allow safer global transactions without financial costs. There are already around 450,000 hotels in the world that accept payments with some kind of virtual currency.

Smart city growth

Technological advances such as 5G, the Internet of Things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence will allow the development of smart cities. Cities that will be more integrated, managing the huge amount of data they generate, to offer their citizens more services that improve their quality of life.

Trends in transport

Airports introduce biometric controls

Biometric controls will soon be normal at many airports and will allow speeding up check in and security control.

Accommodation Trends

Decoration companies that enter the hotel sector:

There are several companies selling decoration products that have entered the tourist accommodation market.

Group trips to luxury vacation homes

A trend is family trips to luxury tourist homes, looking for a more intimate environment, that best suits your needs. Some operators that work in this segment are: Stay one degree -, MarriotT tribute Portfolio   or Oetker Collection –Masterpieces state

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