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Posted by DulceLienau on December 11th, 2019

The philosophy of the service providers lies in a continuous evolution and adaptation of all services to the needs of all customers, so company create a specific engineering department for clean rooms, laboratories, containment areas, critical environment, etc.

A project that has experienced spectacular growth in recent years has allowed team to project a technological and innovative image. Clean Room Rental Murieta offers a wide variety of services, ranging from conceptual design, engineering and detail project; construction and assembly, commissioning, qualification and finally the validation of the room.

All contract manufacturer projects are carried out under the highest quality, in accordance with the ISO, GMP, GLP, FDA & EMEA standards and regulations of each country

Technicians working in the pharmaceutical production line

Cleanroom services offer its Comprehensive, After Sales and Maintenance Service according to the specific needs of all its customers.

It is therefore most innovative bet since for a white room to enter service it must be validated, so the level of demand throughout the process is maximum.

Clean rooms can be divided into sectors in technology, pharmaceutical, hospital, biosecurity and food and in each of them we find their most frequent uses.

Clean rooms, also called clean rooms or Controlled environment are an essential instrument in certain production and research processes.

The HVAC facilities of the clean rooms is another aspect that requires maximum attention if you want to guarantee the maximum operability of them. The control of the temperature and humidity in these spaces is the key and for this the air treatment must adjust to the conditions and measurements of the rooms creating an air sweep that helps the purification of the area. Through centralized or distributed HVAC systems, the temperature and humidity are controlled to achieve good comfort, the number of renovations needed per hour and a minimum consumption.

The phases of any clean room installation process could be summarized in the following aspects:

The clean room design project

Clean room Architecture

Clean room Filtration

Air conditioning of clean rooms

Thorough cleaning of personnel or material

Clean room Features

Some of the safety systems that prevent the material with which it works are contaminated by environmental microorganisms are:

The air entering the laboratory is sterile since it has been filtered to remove suspended particles and microorganisms. It is completely renewed several times per hour so as not to accumulate dust.

The rooms are maintained on a pressure scale slightly higher than outside, so that when the doors open the air leaves and no outside air can enter, contaminated with microorganisms.

The walls are covered with vinyl and the corners are rounded to avoid dirt accumulations.

There is only a sink in the validation room, to prevent the entry of microorganisms in the production area.

Operators must wear special suits to avoid carrying contaminants or generating dust particles.

The locks maintain pressure differences between the rooms and isolate them from the outside.

Company makes some of its spaces available to companies for holding external or internal work meetings, product presentations, courses and all kinds of business meetings.

Multipurpose, accessible, air-conditioned spaces, with WIFI connection, strategically located a few meters from the highway and with ample parking, created to make available to companies a whole range of services aimed at organizing meetings, presentations, courses, etc.

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