Pros and Cons of having an office in a co-working space

Posted by Wesharedesk on December 11th, 2019

Co-working spaces seem to be a more appealing and feasible option for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and start-ups, considering the rise of the employment economy. Co-working space in Delhi , too, are now fully equipped with convenient rental arrangements, that anyone can rent on a daily, hourly, or monthly basis and pay only for the desks’ number they require and use. Also, with rising prices of private workspaces, services offered by shared workplaces like wesharedesk could be the answer. Let’s check out 7 advantages and disadvantages of these spaces!


  1. You can find individuals with precious skill sets which you could use to achieve your company aims, or possibly make your client base.

  2. Shared office spaces are much more of a budget-friendly arrangement than a private office, where you access all types of rooms and equipment at never-seen prices.

  3. Fixed spaces in Shared Office Space keep you accountable and helps in keeping your mind scheduled to get all works done properly and timely.

  4. Sharing an office space will help you know about their interesting projects and skillsets which can help you in your business issues.

  5. Having a co-working place can send positive indications to a promising client or business partner and shows that you are dedicated to your organization.

  6. A shared space can be the perfect way of working at a reasonable rate when you get a lot of interruption from working from home.

  7. Shared Office spaces bring motivated and creative people together for sharing thoughts regarding business operations and growing productivity.


  1. Sometimes, Shared office space in Delhi could become increasingly cost-prohibited when you need more space.

  2. Maximum co-working spaces open from 9 to 5 are not ideal for flexible schedules for those who are launching start-up offices or for freelancers who work better setting their own hours.

  3. After choosing shared offices, you will possibly run into people you are competing against for business.

  4. Since office spaces are shared by many companies or individuals, you could find privacy issues. Ensure to choose a space that offers booths for private conversations so you don’t get distracted.

  5. In a shared office space, you can’t set your own rules but are forced for adapting to the culture and rules of that place.

  6. Most spaces provide convenient payment options, but if you have budget issues, you cannot choose them.

  7. While sharing a place with others, there will be chances of personality conflicts.

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