Why On-Hold Phone Messages are Beneficial for Every Business?

Posted by provoiceusa on December 11th, 2019


Running a business requires a lot of hard work which could help in its expansion. Certain services allow the business to grow to attain better profits. One of those services is phone service, which helps the customer in resolving issues related to any product or service offered by your company.

Enterprises with increased sales or activity have increased call volume. There are scenarios when all the representatives are busy on calls and some of the callers might have to wait their turn. In that case, their call is put on hold.

As per a recent survey, it was revealed that people hang up if what they hear on hold is unprofessional. The right thing to do is use an interesting on-hold message that supports your business. Here are some of the other benefits of using such messages for your business.

#1 Does not Annoy the Caller

A customer is everything for a business. Some of the people play different types of music when their customers are on hold. This tactic could backfire as it could annoy the caller. If the customer is angry at the business, then it will become extremely hard for the business to retain customers. On the other hand, on-hold phone messages will not annoy the customer as it will leave a psychological effect on the customer as if a real human is talking to them.

#2 Keep the Customers Engaged on the Call

The reason why people avoid putting their customer’s calls on hold is that it could make them get so bored they hang up. However, when you record a message with a professional male voice over artist, then it will keep them engaged on the call until you resume the call.

#3 Supports Promotion of Business

Marketing and promotion are the biggest parts of a business. For this reason, there is a lot of money invested in promotion. However, with the help of on-hold messages, you can promote your new products while saving your money. While the customer is on hold, you can provide them with the information related to your newest product or service. Doing this will help in promotion and boost the sales of your company while spending on one unique service.

Now you know why on-hold messages are extremely important for a business. Keep in mind that merely getting the service will not offer better results. You have to get the right voice over artist for the job done to see the full benefit of this tactic. 

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