Why You Should Fly Business Class Instead Of First

Posted by Goran Blažić on December 11th, 2019

 restful flight is essential for those travelling long distances for business.

Here are five reasons why you should opt out of that first-class ticket and fly business class instead:

5 Reason you should buy business class fare

Reason 1 More leg Room

Say goodbye to cramped spaces lie-in flatbeds, Especially worthwhile for long-haul flights.

Reason 2 Gourmet Dining Options

Find cutlery, warm gourmet food find wine.

Reason 3 Privacy

Dividers on business class, Attendants do not disturb if requested

Reason 4 Networking

Get to meet powerful people, Get to connect with potential clients.

Reason 5 Easy Check-in

Don’t wait in queues

Exclusive check-in and security check for business and first-class passengers

Need to buy Consolidator Business class tickets?

8 Perks of flying Business Class

1. Priority Check-In

Check-in procedure is much easier and more convenient. We can avoid long queue and sit comfortably while the staff do the check-in process.

2. Business Class Lounge

While waiting for the boarding time, we can enjoy Business Class Lounge facility. Again, it depends on the airline and airport, but usually inside the lounge, we get to enjoy endless of food as well as good rest to recharge the energy. Some Business Class Lounges even have shower, massage and sleeping room facilities.

3. Additional Baggage Allowance

Well it depends on the airline policy but usually Business Class has more baggage allowance. It surely is a good news especially for a big shopaholics.

4. Priority Boarding

Whenever they’re ready, we will be the first they call, talking about first priority, no more queueing.

5. Amenities & Facilities

Comfortable pillow and blanket?, fancy socks?, complete amenity kits?, noice-cancelling headphones?, bigger screen and more inflight entertainment?, how can you not love this?

6. Fine Dining

Imagine being welcomed by a glass of champagne or fresh juice, then enjoying full course of gourmet meal. The food will keep coming we’ll never get a chance to feel hungry since they spoil the passengers with lots of food from snack, breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper complemented by wide selection of wines and beverages.

7. Bigger Better Seat

Well this is the major benefit that AnakJajan enjoy the most, bigger seat and more space for us to rest. Most Business Class seat can be adjusted into flat bed position, fully comfortable flat bed for us to sleep on. Yass!!

8. Be the first to leave the aircraft

Another perks of flying Business, we don’t need to queue since we’ll get the first priority to leave the aircraft.

How to buy consolidator airline tickets?

  • While buying consolidator tickets, always check if your consolidator has a long-standing relationship with an extensive range of reputable airlines.
  • If you want to book an upgraded seat for your customers at a discounted price, first check the various restrictions associated with a consolidator you are going to choose. Some consolidator tickets can have certain conditions while others do not.
  • A genuine flight consolidator will always provide phone support and help desk support, so you can consider these factors while selecting a consolidator.
  • Travel agents can check if a flight consolidator can offer them enough discounts so that they can easily add their desired markups.
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