Common Questions Asked About Dental Braces Oakville

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Crooked and misaligned teeth can be a problem for most people. It can affect their confidence, not forgetting how it can influence one's perception of another. If you are considering dental braces and live in Oakville or the surrounding areas, the following are the commonly asked questions that may help to shed more light on the procedure and assist you in making an informed decision.

  1.      Do I need braces?

An orthodontist or a general dentist that does orthodontic treatment in Oakville may recommend braces for you if he or she believes they will help improve your bite and sometimes  appearance. Through orthodontic treatment, some problems with incorrect teeth position, overbite and underbite, crowded and crooked teeth, and other problems can be corrected using braces.

  1.      When should I have braces?

Someone with a malocclusion problem can have braces during different growing stages. An examination should be done at an early age.  In some cases, removable or fixed appliances can be used instead of braces.  However, the most common time when one can begin having them is between 12-14 years because all of the permanent teeth would have now erupted. This is also the age at which the teeth offer a more conducive environment for straightening.

  1.      What type of braces can I have?

A dentist knows what appliance will work best in accordance to the occlusion.  Whether it is for gum infection treatment and/or cure, straightening teeth or aligning them. Furthermore, a patient may also have their choice on the type of braces to wear. Among the most popular options that one can choose from are metal, ceramic, and invisible aligners.

One may also want to go for the "lingual" type that consists of brackets attached to the back of their teeth and hidden from view. There are also self-ligating brackets, where colourful elastic ties are not necessary.  All brace types use wires to align the teeth to the desired position.

  1.      How long do Am I Supposed to wear braces?

The period depends on the treatment plan, which is also dependent on the severity of the malocclusion.  Some of the other factors that determine the treatment plan include:

  • The spacing between the teeth
  • The position of the bite
  • Rotated teeth and crowded teeth

Each of the factors above makes the treatment period longer. However, often, people wear braces for 6 – 36 months and then retainers are placed for initially full time wear and eventual night wear.

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