Conductive Films Market: Development Insight and Manufacturers Challenges

Posted by Kishor on December 11th, 2019

Global Conductive Films Market: Overview

With the increasing penetration of smartphones, laptops, tablet devices, LED televisions, and various other such electronic devices, the demand for conductive films has been increasing substantially. The transparent screens that can observed in the day-to-day life are made up of conductive films. Apart from the display devices, these films are also utilized in several heating application, such as automotive interior heating. LEDs and photovoltaic cells (PV) are also significant application areas of conductive films, which satisfy the need for conductive material, allowing the light to transmit through them. The global conductive films market has a huge and swiftly developing market, thanks to the ever-rising demand for consumer electronics.

This research study attempts to present a complete and an unbiased overview of the global market for conductive films on the basis of its past and existing performance. The key growth boosters, limitations, significant trends, opportunities, challenges, and future prospects of this market have also been studied thoroughly in this research report.

Companies mentioned in the research report

NanoIntegris Inc., Nitto Denko Corp., Teijin Ltd., TDK Corp., DuPont E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., PolyIC GmbH & Co. KG, DONTECH Inc., and Kimoto Ltd. are some of the leading vendors of conductive films across the world.

Global Conductive Films Market: Trends and Opportunities

Electronics equipped with touch panels are the most prominent part of the global market for conductive films, with consumer electronics reporting a relatively higher demand for conductive films among all other products. Since, Indium tin oxide (ITO) is commonly applied as a conductive coating for transparent conductive films, its rising demand, fueled by its reducing availability, may emerge as a concern for market players.

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Along with this, the limited environmental chemical stability of ITO, responsible for corrosion of devices, is also projected to hamper the market’s growth in the years to come. However, the presence of several substitute of ITO, such as transparent ohmlex films, are likely normalize the effect of this retaining factor, impacting the market positively over the forthcoming years.

Global Conductive Films Market: Geographical Analysis

Asia Pacific excluding Japan has surfaced as the leading regional market for conductive films due to the significant usage of consumer electronics in this region, followed by Western Europe and North America. Within this region, China has emerged as the leading domestic market for conductive films due to the high demand for consumer electronics. Japan also reports a significant demand for consumer electronics. With the high demand for heating applications thanks to the rise in the automotive industry, the markets in Europe and North America are also registering a considerable growth.

As the conventional natural resources for power generation are depleting, the demand for solar panels and solar energy applications are witnessing a rise in the APEJ region, which is expected to support the increasing demand for conductive films in this regions in the near future, retaining its dominance over the period of the forecast.

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