Moving Playlists from Spotify to Rekordbox Made Easier by MusConv

Posted by william on December 11th, 2019


London, UK (December 9, 2019) – Music is universal. Nowadays, every person has his/her list of favourites and playlists at a music streaming service like Spotify. Even, some of them use Rekordbox. When they wish to listen to the favourites they have stored in Spotify at Rekordbox, it was a tedious process earlier. Thanks to MusConv! The app offered by MusConv has eased the process of moving playlists and favourites from Spotify to Rekordbox.

Even though the app for transferring music from Spotify to Rekordbox is free to try, MusConv also offers different payment plans using which music lovers can transfer unlimited tracks, playlists, multiple playlists at once and many other attractive features.

The payment plan is offered in three different variants by MusCov. The basic plan costs less but has lesser features as compared to the middle variant called Professional. The Professional Plan costs a little higher than the Basic Plan but has better features. In the same way, the Ultimate Plan, which is the highest of the other two has even better features.

Even, MusConv offers all these three plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee for music enthusiasts to feel excited.

About MusConv:
MusConv is the founder of the MusConv App. The app supports 20+ playlist file formats and with the app, it will be possible to export music files in different formats like TXT, XML and CSV.

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