A Step by Step Guide: How to Perform Umrah

Posted by Ady on December 11th, 2019

Umrah, the lesser pilgrimage, is an Ibadah that holds significant value in Islam. Although it’s not a religious compulsion to perform umrah, if you possess the financial means as well as health for it, it is recommended that you should go for umrah. It’s a sunnah of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). You can book Umrah package 2020 in this regard, and even go for multiple times in a year if you want. There are no restrictions made by the Saudi Government.

Umrah includes many rituals but to perform them is very easy and simple. Here’s a brief, step by step guide.

Rituals of Umrah

1. Entering the State of Ihram.

For men, ihram is two pieces of simple, white cloths; one for covering the lower body and the other for covering the upper body.

For women, they can wear usual clothes. However, simple, modest clothing is advised. For which, most women prefer wearing Abaya on the top of their clothes.

Preparation for entering the state of Ihram;

1. Trimming of nails.
2. Haircut (if you need) and cutting of moustache in accordance with shariah.
3. Removal of hairs from under your armpits and beneath the navel.
4. Do Ghusl.
5. Wear Ihram clothing.
6. Perform 2 Rakat Nafal with your head covered.
7. Niyyah, the head must be uncovered.

After Niyyah, the prohibitions of Ihram must be kept in view.

It is better to enter the state of ihram before departure i.e. at home or at the airport.

2. Performing Tawaf

Tawaf means moving around Kaabah in Masjid-al-Haram, 7 times.

• Start the tawaf from the Al Hajar Al Aswad (Black Stone), either kiss it, touch it with the right hand (if you can) or point the black stone with the right hand, facing it.
• For men, Raml is necessary during the first 3 rounds and then walk normally during the next 4 rounds.
• When you reach the Yamani corner touch it.
• When at, Rukh Al Yamani, pilgrims should only touch Hijra e Aswad.
• After completing tawaf, pilgrims proceed to Maqam-e-Ibrahim.
• At the end of 7 circles, pilgrims will do Istilam and offer 2 Rakat of Nafal close to Maqam-e-Ibrahim without covering their heads.
• The pilgrims then go to the Zamzam well and drink water while standing.

3. Sa’i (Walking Across Safah and Marwah)

Sa’i is Walking between the hills of Safah and Marwah 7 times. These hills are situated in the North and South of Kaabah. 7th trip will end at Marwah, after which, the pilgrims will offer 2 Rakat Nafal.

4. Taqseer/Halq

It means cutting of hair. It is done after performing Sa’i.

• For men, they should shave their heads completely.
• For women, they should cut their hair equal to the length of a fingertip.

 All these primary rituals are necessary for performing umrah. Whether you are going for umrah through Last 10 Days Ramadan Umrah Packages, or in any other month. 

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