Top Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations to Consider in 2019

Posted by Joseph Franks on December 11th, 2019

Searching for a perfect honeymoon destination after stressful planning for your wedding is a soothing task. Just thought of relaxing on a hammock, swimming in turquoise ocean water, and soaking in Caribbean breeze on the beach takes all your worries away.  

Just like you had a perfect wedding, your honeymoon deserves to be a memorable time of your life that you spend together. If you are not able to find the right destination for your honeymoon, we have got you covered with our mesmerizing list of honeymoon in the Caribbean.

  1. Anguilla:

It is a beautiful tranquil island located in the British West Indies, on the eastern side of the Caribbean. The place is peaceful and soothing with no casino bars, chain hotels or cruise ships. This characteristic makes it unique from other Caribbean destinations. Despite being so serene and quiet, it is one of the favorite destinations of wealthy people, which means it’s also quite expensive! That being said it offers luxurious accommodations.

Anguilla is perfect for those couples who want to indulge themselves in a quiet island’s culture and just be themselves on their honeymoon.

  1. Aruba:

A famous Dutch island surrounded with white sand beaches located in the southern Caribbean. Out of the many reasons for it being popular among honeymooners is that many island hotels and resorts take part in One Cool Honeymoon programs. The best thing is that it goes all the year round and honeymooning couples only have to notify their resorts about their arrival to participate.

Hotels offer add-ons specialties to this program such as room upgrades, champagne, couple’s massage, flowers, sauna spa, and other special services.

  1. Grenada:

Those couples who want to keep their honeymoon simple and low-key in the Caribbean, Grenada is their choice. It offers untouched natural beauty and vibrant people. It’s a beautiful destination where white sandy beaches with turquoise waters offer a pure and escape from the noise and hustle of your daily life.

The couples can enjoy activities such as discovering coral reefs deep under the waters. Some other adventurous activities for the honeymooners include hiking Mount Carmel, waterfalls, and underwater sculpture park off the coast.

  1. Jamaica:

If you are up to spice up your honeymoon, better go to Jamaica! Jamaica is the third largest island of the Caribbean. It offers a huge variety such as spicy foods, curry goat and Reggae dance moves. You can pick one of the best resorts located in Cornwall Beach in Montego Bay like Seven Mile Beach or Treasure Beach.

For an adventurous excursion, the couples can experience the breathtaking coffee plantation on the Blue Mountain, Dunn’s river falls and rafting on the Rio Grande.

  1. Martinique:

 If you want to experience both cosmopolitan honeymoons mixed with natural beauty and adventures, there is no place better than Martinique. Volcanic in its origin, this mountainous beauty offers the honeymooners an excellent atmosphere with a diverse landscape.

For exciting hiking opportunities, scenic helicopter rides, parasailing and perfect culinary experience in the multitude of adventure, this place is just the right option for adventurous honeymooning couples.

Tips for Safer Honeymoon:

For a happy, safe and memorable honeymoon, you must ensure yours and your partner’s safety. Your honeymoon should be the source of happiness, not the source of worry. The Caribbean is a beautiful and of other most favorite honeymoon destinations, but it is always better to take safety measures while you go on adventurous activates. You never know a little lack of attention may leave your expertise with severe or life-alteringinjuries.  

  • Keep emergency money separate
  • Don’t take help from strangers
  • Always follow the tourist guide’s instructions
  • Don’t take any unknown route, assuming it may be the shortcut
  • Be aware of the situation and stay alert
  • Be aware of weather conditions.
  • Keep your important document scanned in case of any emergency or losing your documents.
  • Use credit cards
  • Keep emergency contacts handy
  • Buy travel insurance

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