Must understand the translation of song lyrics?

Posted by Arti Lirik Lagu dan Terjemahan Maknanya on December 11th, 2019

For some people, understanding the meaning of a song lyrics may not be important, because after all, without understanding the meaning of the song they are singing, they can still enjoy it and sometimes with confidence they bring the song in front of many people.

However, for some others, understanding the meaning of a song must be very important. Understanding the meaning of a song will prevent someone from the mistake of choosing a song.

It would be a funny thing (and sometimes fatal) if when you intend to seduce a lover, eh the song that is played to his girlfriend turns out to be a sad song.

Because it is very important so that not only can sing but also understand the song being sung.

Like the experience when we fall short, sad and happy. Song lyrics can actually appear at any time when we think of something, it's just that what we think is not accompanied by a tone or rhythm.

Song lyrics are arrangement / series of words that are pitched, song lyrics are not as easy as composing essays, but can be obtained from a variety of inspiration. Inspiration itself can be obtained from experiences in daily life.

Now singing becomes more fun because you know what it means. Happy singing, happy understanding!

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