What I'm worried classic wow gold about is

Posted by MaplestoryMCN on December 12th, 2019

What I'm worried classic wow gold about is; warriors, rogues and mages being elitist cunts, believing they're so very good at WoW Classic when it's simply their course becoming more powerful than others. I am worried that they're likely to feel entitled to boss other players about and feel as they ought to be rewarded more. It happened back in the day,

it is going to happen again.I'm likely to play with a balance druid at WoW Classic because I am simply going to play quietly and mainly play pvp. But I can see now people stating, equilibrium is not viable, you can't raid with us. No, equilibrium is not OPTIMAL. But I do not want them to balance classes. For instance, I want balance druids to get their charms mana cost reduced or partly refunded on crit (such as mages if they spec into it). But should they buff balance druids like this they are going to be really strong in pvp if they already are fairly decent.

Epic mount can catch up real fast. The issue with everyone here's that men are acting like this item is your absolute best when in reality its optional. Yea sequentially using things can be an advantage but you'd gave to be good at time the gcd and many pvpers are not capable of using this item as efficiently to begin with.Cost a great deal of money? Its at worst 50 silver for the routine if more players perform that's it'll be cheaper. Secondly farming swift thistle is simple when you have a nice herb path. Sure being immune to crowd control for 10 minutes is nice but Its only useful in certain situations. Slimming stats for cc immunity when you could use free action potion

which is 30 minutes longer than sufficient time to perform all kinds of situational tactics including retreating chasing down.You can pop specimens such as candy when you've enough of it.I get you man, I main Druid. OF COURSE I would love to have the ability to pump up huge amounts of DPS in kitty form and absolutely mess anyone I see in PvP and top the DPS meters. It'd be entertaining... for about a week or so (remembering the MoP incarn+vigil age, or the stun treants). Nonetheless, it hurts the course balance and longevity of WoW Classic if every spec can do all (and they'd need to be able to do that if you need balance and not"rock paper scissors

mushroom"), and it would grow rancid very classic wow gold sellers fast.The entire, whole core of WoW Classic will CHANGE. People were not asking for WoW Remastered, they were asking for Vanilla WoW. Should you rebalance the classes (even with numbers only), you bring in a new meta. A totally different sense than what Vanilla needed, that's 100% certain. WoW Classic is a sort of a mythical game which people either did not play, possibly did not play in a very long period (pservers aside). If you change the feel of WoW Classic similar to this, it just will not be the same game .

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