Smartwatch technology helps the elderly Easier living in old age

Posted by Sealectric on December 12th, 2019

For many families with seniors also at home In the daytime, many people have to work outside. Some people want to make sure that every time they contact their parents or the elderly Will be able to contact at any time Or for some people who may take the elderly out to go outdoors If walking and straying, how can they keep track of one another. Especially the elderly who are beginning to have obsessions, forgetting to take their own medications. Some people may start walking away from home alone. And can't go home Some people may have forgotten their mobile phones or cannot open. As can be seen on the radio announcing the lost elderly.

Today, modern technology has created devices that help seniors and families solve these problems with a smart watch. Smartwatch on the market doesn't always mean it is suitable for the elderly. Since most smartwatchs are designed for the activities and lifestyles of modern people. Most have many compartments and buttons that may be too complex for the elderly.

G2i Emergency Watch
For followers of the Swiss nationality, the G2i Emergency watch will look superficial if it is not a smartwatch. It's designed like a watch, but the common feature is interesting. By pressing one button on the watch face, it turns into a telephone and makes an emergency call to the number saved. But if the destination doesn't answer The device will continuously transfer calls to other numbers until someone answers the call.

Lifely safty watch
The problem of taking the wrong medicine It is another important problem for the elderly that may be caused by confusion or the inability to read the letters on the drug pack and may cause life threatening. Therefore, this smartwatch is another product created to prevent the elderly from picking the wrong medicine box. Help plan the medication of the elderly as well. This smartwatch comes with 4 medication boxes and will help by warning the elderly to take medication. And besides, in an emergency, a doctor is needed The elderly can also press the button to ask for help and the rescue team will be called to where the patient is.However, it may be necessary to first look at this smartwatch support system to be able to set up the emergency system above or not. There is also a waterproof system that can be worn either when taking a bath or soaking in the water all.

Andere Leute wie tragen Sie den Retro-Uhren. Diese Uhren versorgen Sie mit einem klassischen 1970er Optik. Es zeigt, dass Sie eine sonderbar und a distinct Geschmack. Diese Uhr schildert, dass Sie einfach nur wollen eine Sache und informellen auch andere. Es gibt viele mechanische Uhren. Sie können ausgestattet mit der Computersysteme, Taschenrechner und Kameras. Diese Uhren haben gekommen zu sein status symbol. So, Ihre whirling Rädchen und wählt, die machen Sie bequem sitzen mit all der Kaufpreis tag. Zu entdecken eWatch test, Sie haben auschecken unsere site.

This brand designed a smartphone that is easy to use. The big screen doesn't have many details to clutter the eyes. Currently, many smartwatch designs have been released, such as the ZeFit2 model. In addition to telling the time Also designed to help take care of the health of the owner If the elderly who like to exercise by walking This device can help tell you the number of steps, distance and including the calories that you use each day. Including helping to tell how good the quality of sleep is And also designed to be waterproof as well, which means that if there are activities that require washing dishes or washing clothes, you don't have to worry about water getting into the machine.

Is another company that produces smartwatch in many models, one of which is the android Smart Watch model, which can insert sim mobile phones, can use to receive calls and make calls, listen to music, take pictures and play And also has a health function for recording the health information of the owner In addition, for the elderly who tend to put their mobile phones away from themselves or inadvertently leave them to be stolen The smartwatch connected to the mobile phone will have a warning function for the owner of the device.If the phone is more than 5 meters away from the owner, this watch will sound and vibrate to alert the owner. And also, if the phone is stolen while shopping The owner will know immediately. And besides, for another health function This watch is also a personal secretary to help alert the owner if sitting in the same position for too long. The system will specify that if during this 40 minutes the owner does not change the sitting position or no movement. The device will warn you to get up. Which is suitable for the elderly who tend to sit and watch television or read books in the same position throughout the day


Actually, this company designed watches for children, but the main strength that can be applied to the elderly. Especially for the elderly who are prone to forgetfulness or Alzheimer's disease, the basic UPro has an important system that can send the position of the wearer to the destination.Therefore, if there is separation Or the elderly cannot walk out and cannot return home Although the elderly cannot communicate or tell where they are, children can find you safely from the GPS location provided by this device. Examples of devices that can use this system are the UPro Watch P5 and, moreover, UPro can also define a safety area. For example, in the area of ??the house, in the village, in the alley of the house, if there is a walk out of the designated area The system will alert the elderly.

For modern technology that helps the life of the elderly easier And more secure You can see that smart watches can help you and your family a lot. Whether it is to take care of the health of the elderly who can help themselves. And continuing to have a system to prevent and monitor the separation from the homes of the elderly with dementia as well.

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