How does fiber laser marking machines printed on PVC materials?

Posted by xingsihui on December 12th, 2019

Fiber laser marking machine is the use of laser beam on a variety of different material surface marked with a permanent mark. Marking effect is through the evaporation of surface material to reveal the deep material, or through the light can cause chemical and physical changes in the surface material and "mark" or burn through the light part of the material, showing the desired etching Patterns, text, bar codes and other graphics.


Fiber laser marking machine maintenance-free operation, the laser without any maintenance, do not adjust or clean the lens. Long service life, the use of laser diodes as the pump source, the average working time up to 100,000 hours. Processing speed, processing speed is 2-3 times the traditional laser marking machine.


Application of Fiber Laser Marking Machine in PVC Material. The original agent and strong acid have good endurance. So at present a lot of occasions are used to make this material products, electrical enclosures, sewer pipes, industrial parts and so on. It is not uncommon for such a product to be used so widely, to have the logo on its surface.


In general, the current use of PVC material on the label is near-infrared laser or far-infrared laser (such as CO2 laser), far-infrared laser marking machine is the most common carbon dioxide laser marking machine, the laser The wavelength is 10.6u, a marking machine can play yellow-red writing on the PVC material, due to the function of carbon dioxide laser can be great, such as the current universal 30W power marking machine and 50W power marking machine, Therefore, this type of marking machine can be very high speed marking, it is suitable for processing on the assembly line, instead of not so environmentally friendly ink coding.


However, carbon dioxide laser marking of PVC materials often show the yellow-red is not so popular, and near-infrared laser fiber laser marking machine and semiconductor laser marking machine, the wavelength of the two of them are about 1060nm, which A wavelength can mark the black, this black and ink jet printer black like, is the most customers receive a color, so this type of marking is more and more used in PVC materials It's


Fiber laser wavelength is 1060nm, which can be clearly engraved on the PVC material, and shows a black, fiber laser is considered to be the best laser to replace semiconductor lasers, its application in the PVC material is also the most promising prospects Fiber laser marking machine because of its frequency can reach 80K, the spot is small, coupled with a small spot galvanometer can achieve very high speed, the speed of the marking line can meet or exceed the CO2 laser effect.

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