Industry advantages of CO2 laser marking machine

Posted by xingsihui on December 12th, 2019

The CO2 laser marking machine laser is a gas laser with a wavelength of 10.6um, which belongs to the mid-infrared frequency band. The CO2 laser has a relatively large power and a high electro-optical conversion efficiency. The laser equipment uses non-contact processing, with high quality and small heat diffusion area, so it is very suitable for cutting textile fibers and various fabrics. The laser equipment has a wide processing range, fast cutting speed, smooth cutting, no deformation, and the pattern can be output freely by a computer without a die. It can greatly save labor and materials, and the production efficiency will be improved.

Now laser equipment is used more and more widely. The use of laser equipment can not only improve the efficiency of processing and production, but also save the overall cost. Today's laser equipment and machines basically combine cutting, punching, carving, etc., which can be a finished product at one time and save time. This is the case of Raymond CO2 laser marking machine.

Fibers cut with lasers basically have no focal edges. The laser uses thermal processing and can automatically close edges without the need for subsequent edge processing. Now, aircraft, car carpet and mat manufacturers have begun to use laser marking machines, and the benefits have increased.

co2 laser marking machine product advantages:

1. The laser power is large and controlled by software, continuously adjustable, large marking range, clear marks, not easy to wear, and high cutting efficiency;

2. The depth of engraving can be controlled freely, the processing cost is low, and no consumables need to be controlled by the computer;

3. Use a 10.64um laser beam to expand the beam, focus, and finally control the deflection of the galvanometer;

4. Act on the surface of the workpiece according to a predetermined trajectory, and vaporize the working surface to achieve the marking effect.

5. Good beam mode, stable system performance, maintenance-free, suitable for large-scale, multi-variety, high-speed, high-precision continuous production industrial processing sites.

6. Advanced optical path optimization design and unique graphic path optimization technology, plus the unique ultra-pulse function of the laser, make the cutting speed faster.

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