3 Ways To Use CBD For Skin Care During Summer

Posted by Aria Akachi on December 12th, 2019

The summer season has started, the sun is shining bright, days are growing longer and mercury level in the barometer is rising high. Now, the time has arrived when we can say goodbye to heavy blankets, dark and heavy curtains, layers of clothing and using a huge amount of moisturizer. Do you know that warm weather and harmful UV sun rays can damage your skin? 

Well, there is one good thing about the summer season that we do not have to worry about some winter season culprits like rough skin, cold, and cough. Now, with the rising temperature, our new concern is harsh sun rays. 

But, fortunately, we have products that contain CBD compound. These products can help us to take care of our skin. CBD based skin products like CBD serum can help to ease our skin and keep it hydrated. 

What Is CBD? 

CBD is an abbreviation of Cannabidiol. Usually, when people hear the word "canna", then they link it with marijuana that people used to get high. They imagine the room filled with smoke and college parties. Both components, marijuana, and CBD are derived from the hemp plant. The cannabinoid does not contain THC and therefore it does not possess any type of psychoactive properties. In fact, CBD has various amazing benefits. Initially, hemp plant production was prohibited due to its psychoactive properties. But, later on when its various amazing benefits were discovered then various countries have uplifted the ban of its production.  

The cannabidiol is not a new substance. In fact, people have been using it thousands of years ago. It was reported that ancient civilization people use this phytocannabinoid for soothing muscle pain and cure wounds. The cannabinoid has various healing benefits and it can help in providing relief to severe pain. 

But, now, the question arises that how CBD can improve your skin texture

Benefits Of CBD For Your Skin 

1. Anti-inflammatory Properties

The CBD possesses the anti-inflammatory properties and therefore it acts as a soothing agent. According to the paper published by the Journal of Experiential Medicine, it was observed that CBD can calm down inflammation within lab rats. That means CBD can use to soothe down skin inflammation when temperatures start rising high and your body starts sweating more. The increased sweating rate can lead to acne and skin inflammation.  With the help of CBD infused topical products like CBD oil face serum, you can stop the break out of acne and also calm down the inflammation of your skin. 

2. Supply Natural Antioxidant

It is more than a “chill pill”! The CBD compound is comprised of a high level of antioxidant. How these antioxidants can help your skin during summer. The CBD based products can add a protecting layer over your skin. This compound can help in fighting against free radicals. The main reason for the generation of free radicals is high exposure to environmental factors like harmful UV rays. The free radicals in our body lead to imbalance internal organs and that results in bad skin such as loose skin and wrinkles. This the reason, by applying topical CBD based products like natural CBD serum, you can have fresh glowing skin. This skin cream can protect your internal organs from free radicals. 

3. Keep Your Skin Hydrated All The Time

If you want to keep your skin moisturized this season then CBD based products will be your best choice. The CBD based products are comprised of vitamin E (an essential vitamin for our skin). The Vitamin E act as a natural emollient and it keep our skin moisturize to give our skin a soft touch.  You will be happy to have smooth skin with a glowing texture. 

4. Help To Improve Skin Complexion 

 Our body contains natural cannabinoid receptors to know an endocannabinoid system. The main purpose of these receptors is to keep your skin in homeostasis. The word homeostasis here indicates healthy skin and a balanced state of the body. If your skin texture is oily, blemished or itchy, the CBD based products can provide relief from all these conditions and improve your skin texture. The topical CBD based skin products like CBD daily serum are not just helping to sooth down skin irritation. But, it also helps in removing red patches on your skin and also removes dryness and itchiness. The Cannabinoid is good for those who have sensitive skin. 

5. Maintain Balanced Skin Texture

The CBD base skin products help in removing excess oil and maintain balanced skin. This product is highly beneficial for those who have to combine skin texture i.e. both dry as well as oily. This CBD based cream will supply the moisturizer to that section of your where it is highly required. The properties of CBD will also help those who have blemish-prone skin. 

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