Comprehending & Engaging Customers Using AI with Dynamics 365

Posted by Shahzad Ali on December 12th, 2019

The success of any business is to stay above competition.  AI or Artificial Intelligence is significantly playing a role in the process of business success.  Generally business does its best to meet customer expectations by relevantly engaging them.  Needlessly to say technology encourages and facilitates the process.

In a more interactive way, in modern times, we see AI is opening up as robots and are swapping jobs performed by humans. Industries such as mechanical, automobile, pharmaceutical and restaurants engage robots; obviously they carry out their job with dexterity.

In order to gain a competitive edge, in today’s modern commerce compels to collect and study vast amounts of data to campaign about one’s online business which is connected 24x7. To stay in line with competition, optimize your customer experience, initiate customer engagement, and improve business process operations by virtue of adapting AI technology.

Is AI Mandatory in Customer Experience?

Customer experience is relatively dynamic offering an immense amount of data generation, thus it is not easy to manage, recognize or support.  However, rely on AI, as it can influence customer data and effectively interact to incite CX strategy, automate the mundane monotonous jobs involving data cleansing, structuring and maintenance.  This in turn would conduct the companies to recognize the opinion of their prospective customers to enable developing an engaging experience for the customers.

All About CX – Customer Experience

The Customer Experience or CX basically defines a perfect actionable strategy for delivering a positive and significant experience across different interaction process. It refers to the sum of every interaction a customer has with a business including pre and after sale transaction process.

Need For AI in CX

Customer experience is obligatory leading to ultimate customer service.  Expect CX strategy, design and development for AI which is planning a new method for some profound and great customer experience.

Many progressive companies have set themselves in adapting the AI approach by using it to access instant insights for automating campaigns and processes.  In fact, they also have the provision to directly embed it into new customer touch-points.  A point to be taken into account here is many companies have critical capability gaps lacking the skills to meet the AI mandate. Consequently, executives expect too much of the facility from their organizations for the changeover.

Dynamics 365 AI & Customer Engagement

Dynamics 365 supports service managers with clear perception of customer service.

  • Pre-built dashboards offer insights into KPI metrics for your organization.
  • Interpreting the relevant service topics that are frequently displayed which helps to deliberate on topmost impact areas.
  • Identify and determine emerging topics for improvement before they become complicated service problems.
  • Predictive analytics, proactively assists you identify and respond to current and emerging trends quickly.
  • Superior insight into resolution rates and customer retention period allows you to tackle the major challenges instantly.
  • Advancement in operational competence –dashboards with creativity ingenuity identify prospects for improvement across channels.
  • Using natural language interfaces, AI for Customer Service understands calls and cases thereafter it categorizes issues on the similar topic to provide you a single list of popular topics, efficiently.

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