5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Motivation

Posted by Larry Williams on December 12th, 2019

Visualize yourself in two different scenarios. The first scenario is not at all a motivation for a task. The second is totally motivated for the same task. Is there a difference in how you feel about acting? In which scenario do you do the task faster? What about the quality of your performance? Is it better in scenario one or two? Are you having fun in one of these scenarios? In which scenario do you hesitate? Are you happier in scenario one or two? If you think long term, in which of these scenarios will you achieve your final result?

Answering these questions makes it clear that high motivation has many advantages.

Would not it be great to have a lot of motivation for everything and to take full advantage of it?

Then let's discover 5 ways to get easily motivated.

Draw a colorful picture in your head

Think of a task or action that you can not motivate yourself to do. Get an idea of ​​how you will act. Now you color the picture with bright and vivid colors. Bring the picture closer to you and make it shine. Take the static picture and make it alive. The picture is more like a little movie now. They move and act. Imagine, you smile and have fun doing it. Finally, bring it closer and make it brighter.

Colorful and vivid images have a positive effect on human psychology. They motivate you automatically. The Best Gossip is the seccret.

Do not let your brain create the pictures for you. Be the director and create your own films. You are in charge!

Create a convincing purpose

Of course, if you can not motivate yourself, this action does not drive you.

Why do you want or have to complete the task first? What is the reason?

Often we only see the action we should take, but we do not remember why we want to do it. What is the purpose of our efforts?

The purpose is the emotional juice that you can create to motivate yourself. The why influences your feelings enormously in a positive direction.

In general, tasks do not motivate us, reasons already.

For example, would it be more convincing if you focus on the energy and fitness you gain or the weight you lose while running instead of focusing on the "running" task?

Now get your positive emotions going! WHY DO YOU WANT TO DO WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT?

Turn on the music

Can you imagine lying on your bed, feeling extremely sad but listening to happy music? Or on the contrary, to be totally happy and to turn on a pretty sad song?

We have very strong triggers in our environment that can unconsciously change our feelings. Music is one of those triggers. It massively affects our feelings.

If the motivation is hard to find, turn on your favorite music and change your feelings about the task.

Imagine your success in advance

If you knew you would succeed with your business idea, would you bother building your own business? Would you be motivated to do anything to achieve your result? I bet you would.

Now we can not know for sure if our efforts will succeed. What remains is uncertainty. Our brain is afraid of insecurity and our motivation is dwindling.

What can we do against it?

We can create success in advance. Imagine how you can succeed by taking a picture in your head. See yourself and act as if you have already reached your destination. This strengthens the belief in oneself and the motivation.

Add fun to the action

Can you do a task that you do not normally find interesting? For sure! Just think of a few things that motivate you. Would it be possible to add these things to your actions?

For example: you might love to read books. How would your motivation for housework increase if you listen to one of your favorite books in the form of an audio book? Can you imagine that you could have much more fun? Or you can earn points by throwing laundry in the washing machine as if you were playing basketball. Good Friday Images

Make your tasks fun!

Increase your motivation

Which of these techniques will make your motivation work? Try the technique that sounds most promising to you. Combine different approaches and experience highly motivated!

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