How to prevent your Sterling silver stud earrings from tarnishing?

Posted by Nabin Shaw on December 12th, 2019

All kinds of metals are bound to tarnish no matter what quality they are made of. Sterling silver stud earrings too tend to get tarnished like other pieces of jewelry. Even like the real .925 sterling silver can get tarnished as a result of the metal that it is mixed in with. However, it is nothing to worry about. If taken care of properly, your sterling silver stud earrings will last you a lifetime. 

If a metal tarnishes, it does not mean that the silver that you are buying if of low quality or is less pure. In fact, sterling silver contains a higher percentage of silver which will make it tarnish much slower than that of the silver with low purity. Hence, do not doubt your decision of buying sterling silver; it is a beautiful piece of precious metal. So, how can you prevent the tarnishing and keep your jewelry for a longer period of time? Here is how: 

·         Keep away from the solutions

When sterling silver stud earrings come into contact with chemicals or salty solution, the corrosion happens. Hence, it is crucial to keep your jewelry away from any kind of toiletries solution or salt water or any other house products. As an additional precaution, you can also take it off while taking a shower. Even though shower doesn’t result in sterling silver’s corrosion, but it is advisable to take the best care possible. Same applies for washing the dishes or wearing it while getting involved in sweaty activities or outdoor activities.

·         First to take off, last to put on

One important thing that you should keep in mind to take the perfect care of your sterling silver stud earrings is that it should be the last thing that you should be putting on while you are getting ready i.e. after you are done with your make-up and even applying the perfume. In addition to that, you should also take it off the first thing before taking the shower or cleaning up in order to avoid contact with chemicals or solutions.

·         Keep in mind your work and home environment

Think in prior, if your work or job environment has anything to do with chemicals or any other kind of solutions on a daily basis. If it does, remove your sterling silver stud earringsbefore coming in contact with them. For example, the people who work at perfume or cosmetic jobs might have to clean their jewelry more regularly than often in order to keep it away from the corrosion. Also, if you reside or work in a polluted area, your earrings might get tarnished faster because of the higher level of sulphur that they are expose to. Hence, they will need more polishing than usual.

·         It might be your body chemicals

There are some cases in which some people’s sweat could possibly also react with silver and hence, can result in faster tarnishing of the jewelry. Try to keep your skin dry if you are wearing sterling silver stud earrings. 

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