How to choose mosaic tiles

Posted by aihw on December 12th, 2019

Mosaic tiles can make bathroom decoration more bright and beautiful. So how to choose mosaic tiles? What is the correct way to install mosaic tiles? Mosaic Tile Company- Huagui will share with you those things about mosaic tile purchases.

I. Mosaic tile hardness

Shoppers buy ceramic tiles, of course, they want to buy a better quality, the better the decorative effect will not appear, not to mention the case of light cracks and so on. Therefore, you should pay attention to the hardness of mosaic tiles when purchasing. Not only should the hardness be good, but also a certain degree of toughness, so that it will not be easily broken, and it will not crack after paving.

Second, the mosaic tile surface

The reason why tiles are loved by people is mainly because the decorative effect of the tiles is better, that is, a layer of glaze on the tile surface, and the mosaic tile is no exception. The quality of the layer of glaze on the surface is also reliable. Mosaic tiles should be even, smooth and smooth.

Third, the mosaic tile slip resistance

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the anti-slip performance of the mosaic tile. If the hand is held on the wall of the mosaic tile, if the tile surface is too slippery, it may easily cause people to slip, sting, and other safety risks. The slower the water slides on the surface of the mosaic tile, the more slip-resistant The better the performance.

Fourth, mosaic tile color

The reason why mosaic tiles are loved is because of the combination of texture patterns and colors on the surface of the mosaic tile. Therefore, after determining the quality of the mosaic tile, it is necessary to identify the surface of the mosaic tile. If the colors are exactly the same, the texture pattern must be clear, and no disconnection will occur.

Five, mosaic tile size

Another thing that needs to be taken seriously is the size of the mosaic tile. The ruler of the mosaic tile must be very standard, and the error must be as small as possible, so that the best construction effect will be neat and beautiful, and the edges of the mosaic tile must be neat. Bump.

So how do we choose the right tiles?

Look: Observe whether the brick surface is fine and uniform, and whether there are visible defects such as speckles and holes.

Knock: Use a thin stick to lightly tap (or tap with your fingers) a suspended tile. The sound is clear, indicating that the tile has no cracks, good sintering, low water absorption, and high strength. If the sound is hoar, it indicates that the tile may have cracks. ; The sound is "sulking", indicating that the sintering of the tile is not good, the water absorption is high, and the strength is low.

Dripping: Apply a few drops of colored liquid on the local surface, wipe it with a damp cloth after a few seconds, and observe whether there are residual color spots on the surface. If there are more color spots, it means that there are more pinholes, easy to be dirty, and the glaze quality is not high; It cannot be scrubbed, indicating that the water absorption of the brick is large and the .

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