3 Safety Tips for Kids Bowling Parties

Posted by Daria King on December 12th, 2019

Are you hosting a bowling alley birthday party? This activity that's a real hit with children. But, for the whole event to go smoothly, you have to take precautions, as with anything that involves sports. Here are a few safety tips you can follow.

Assist Children When Choosing a Ball

Let kids use a ball with the right weight. They may injure themselves if they try to bowl with one that's heavier than what they can handle. 

So, it's best to assist them when they're choosing which ball to play with. Typically, the ideal heft is a tenth of their total body weight, but this will also depend on how strong they are and what they're comfortable with.

Get a ball for them and ask them to use both of their hands to hold it. They should be able to hang on to it comfortably. Then, let them do a test run and have them roll it down the alley. If they struggle with it, change it to a lighter weight.

Use the Proper Footwear

Bowling shoes aren't just a fashion statement; they're essential for playing the game. They're specially designed to help you glide along the alley flooring. Other types of footwear will stick to the surface and cause injury while someone is trying to toss a ball. Most establishments also always keep their gear clean, so the lanes stay clear for longer.  

Make sure that each child at the party gets a pair before they play. Ask them to try on the shoes and see which sizes are the most comfortable for them.

Keep the Lanes Clear of Food Items

A good bowling party won't be complete without an awesome selection of food and drinks. But, eating and playing are definitely two things that shouldn't be done at the same time. You don't want children to bring snacks or refreshments near the lanes. 

Bowling shoes are especially slippery. So, if anyone accidentally steps on a spill while trying to roll the ball, they could fall and hurt themselves.

Keep the area for dining and activities separate. Be sure to remind both the kids and their parents about not bringing food items near the lanes. If you see any spills anywhere in the bowling alley, call the maintenance staff and ask them to clean it up as soon as possible.

These are just some precautionary measures you can follow. Keep them in mind so you'll have a fun and safe party at the nearest bowling alley in Huntsville, AL.

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