Common Signs Your Back Pain Is Serious

Posted by Daria King on December 12th, 2019


Most Americans will experience some form of back pain in their lives, especially in the lower back or base of the spine. This can be a routine problem if you lift heavy weights, do manual labor, or spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. 

Many types of back pain can be attributed to bad posture, occasional strain, pressure from lying down for too long, an uncomfortable mattress, or even sore back muscles. However, back pain can also be a sign of a serious condition like spinal stenosis or osteoarthritis. 

So how do you know if your back pain is routine, or if you may need to visit one of the best spine surgeons in Atlanta for a consultation? Below are the top signs that your back pain may be a serious symptom, not just a common inconvenience that's likely to go away on its own.

Persistent Back Pain

Back pain can usually go away with some self-care, like getting off your feet for some time, doing stretches, and even taking over the counter pain medications. But if your back pain doesn't improve after several days of rest, then you should see a doctor. 

Severe Pain

Back pain can be uncomfortable, but if your pain feels severe and debilitating, visit a doctor. Some conditions, like ligament sprains, can cause back pain that makes it difficult for you to stand or walk. If you've injured your back--like in a fall--the pain will likely be immediate and severe. Don't try to endure several days of pain. Visit one of the best spine surgeons near you for treatment. Don't worry; you won't go straight into surgery. You'll start with a consultation and then get the most appropriate form of treatment for your back, whether or not that includes surgery. 

Related Symptoms

Some back and spine conditions can cause symptoms alongside pain, including swelling, redness, bowel or bladder problems, a fever, or weakness. These are symptoms of a serious condition. If you have a nerve-related condition like spinal stenosis, then back pain may radiate into your arms and legs. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms alongside back pain, call a doctor to schedule an appointment.

There are many doctors that can help you with your back pain, including a family doctor. But the best way to address your back pain and related symptoms is to make an appointment with spine and orthopedic specialists. These doctors have specialized experience with spine and back conditions and can offer advanced treatment options. Make an appointment with one of the best spine surgeons in Atlanta to relieve your back pain. 

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