On Incarnam and up to Dofus Kamas level 30

Posted by Rskingdom on December 13th, 2019

On Incarnam and up to Dofus Kamas level 30: Many choices are available to you. However, as Fire Cra is primarily helpful in PvM, the cheapest and most effective solution is the Red Piwi Set. If you absolutely want a pet, you can turn into the Red Piece, although raising the degree of a pet can be quickly pricey.

To do this, you are able to take a Royal Gobball Set or Crimson Scaraleaf Set that you upgrade to possess your 8 AP, using a Treechnid Root Bow and an amulet (several choices are possible for the latter).It can also be time to equip some trophies!

From level 60 to level 100: The equipment is multiplying, and it becomes more and more challenging to pick the best optimization. You can go on a foundation of the Wa Wobot Place, accompanied by a Caracap along with the Gelano that is mythical. You can alter your pet to get Orchid, optimized for your future PvM goals and an Ivory Dragoturkey.

From level 100 to par 125: Starting at level 100, you start to turn into a injury dealer that is true. The Total Intelligence optimization lets you reach quite interesting statistics. You can, among other things, render on a foundation of the Berserkoffre Set, which you will complete with various useful gear in the long term, such as the Limbo Wand. You can also point to a stuff such as this.

From level 125 to par 150: Do you recall that blue headdress that good Dofus players had about Dofus version 1.29? Well, you'll have the ability to equip it! Besides the Dora Bora, you can leave to a Royal Mastoplast basis, combined with Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale the a variety of equipment available at this level.

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