You won't find iops hitting on Kamas Dofus Retro

Posted by limmzhou on December 13th, 2019

You won't find iops hitting on Kamas Dofus Retro earth ones with earth charms, but would you see land ones dealing damage using the spells that the omni iops have access to? Omni has access where they could exploit the weakest part resistance of someone or something and use it to their benefit nothing is lost by them . . - in a realistic situation we will not be fighting poutches with every resistance being 0% so there are many instances where mono builds are hindered - gone are the days where you simply need 1 anger to burst finish a boss since it wouldn't be enough you'd need support from Erosion, SoF and Duel.

Does this imply that if we're in possession of a shield that is broken, it usually means that following the 2.41 update, those are likely to be worth the same as the ones we can craft for 50Kk? When mimisymbics were added to the Dofus match,

you guys were the people who let us mimic those rare broken shields and you should have anticipated the exponential inflation of their costs because they were rare. We would have never purchased them if there were no mimisymbics in this Dofus match but we never understood that you could destroy the value of a product like this.

Decreasing its value by 10000% for the Buy Dofus Kamas trendiest e.g. the asse along with the fan shields. It is complete nonsense to encourage an item like that's inflation and then destroying the facet of it whenever you desire. You give the holder an aura and a name and ought to at least unmimic the shields that are broken? Or a emote like / portal or / or superhero present or even the one for frigost. I mean ankama has to differentiate the old shields from the ones a lvl 50 can have.

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